Editorial ~ Any new football books out? Yes. Any good? No.
Diary ~ Vieira sees red again; Ronaldo for Real; Scotland falter in Faroes; West Ham plunder a point; up Pompey
The bigger picture ~ Ian Hutchinson, who died last month
Sidelines ~ Dublin’s missing stadium ; England women target China ; Keane writes wrongs ; Asprilla teases Teesside
Derby & Coventry ~ Two former Premier League stalwarts hit by football’s financial crisis
North Korea ~ The heroes of 1966 set to revisit the scene of their great triumph, now a housing estate
Peter Taylor ~ The man who might be England manager , currently helping out at Peterborough
Refereeing ~ Former Premier League official Alan Wilkie discusses the changing role of men in the middle ; plus what do players know about offside and goals from throw-ins?
Strange case of ~ Richard Witschge, a reluctant champion with Blackburn
FIFA ~ The fallout from President Blatter’s re-election ; Oceania hoping for an invitation
Letter from ~ How one team wins every title in Norway
Britain v The World ~ Conclusions to be drawn from a Rangers defeat in Austria  
Aart of being injured ~ When the magic sponge is not enough
Sheffield Utd ~ WSC’s club-by-club guide
Plus Webwatch , Letters