Editorial ~ The decline of the English managers
Diary ~ Row over Rio; England pinch point; calamitous Carlisle; Fulham fell Man Utd
The Bigger Picture ~ Aldershot v Halifax, in a different league
Sidelines ~ Northern Ireland nil ; mystery deal at Derby ; woe for US women ; racism rumpus
Building Sites ~ Coventry’s long wait for a new ground ; Brighton’s stadium plans set to be blocked?
Turkey v England ~ The media response in both countries to the tunnel brawl in Istanbul  
Strange Case Of ~ Alex Calvo-Garcia , the Spanish ambassador to Scunthorpe
Billionaire Supporters ~ Club owners set out their demands 
Drugs in Football ~ Why English players might be tempted ; testing success in Italy 
Middle East~ Why veteran ex-internationals are being tempted to play out their careers in Qatar
Pop Star Fans ~ Will Robbie Williams ever bail out Port Vale and is Elton ready for a return to Watford ?
News Just In ~ Alpay plot; Leeds fine; Heskey stunt
Bryan Robson ~ Poised for a return to management with the Nigerian national team – or so it seems
Ends ~ Dangerous vegetation at a fourth division ground in Germany
Penalties ~ How spot-kicks have gained in importance and controversy
Gillingham ~ WSC’s club-by-club guide
Plus Webwatch , Letters