Editorial ~ Roman knows (geddit?)
Diary ~ Tim Howard the hero ; Wolves woe; Sunderland sensation; Roeder relieved
The Bigger Picture ~ The early days of women’s football
Sidelines ~ Notts County nerves ; Bolton’s Golden Boot ; who is Ernest Gund ?; when fans attack
Non-League ~ Why the forthcoming shake-up of the semi-pro game will be popular with fans
Club Owners ~ The FA’s proposed test for potential club owners ; Dundee’s outspoken new director
New Season Optimism ~ The sun is out and there’s all to play for; until about mid September, anyway
News Headlines ~ WSC Exclusives: Ranieri spends big
Chris Turner ~ Sheffield Wednesday’s manager on his task at a club where little has gone right lately ; plus the latest report into football finances
Stalwart Players ~ David May – Mr Man Utd ; unsung heroes at Ipswich , Everton and QPR
USA v England ~ Hollywood’s version of England’s most embarrassing defeat ; the history of the “special relationship” on the football pitch
Referees ~ How TV has made the officials’ job harder ; plus the thoughts of Signor Collina
Letter From ~ Italy , where the start of the season may be delayed by an almighty row
Strange Case Of ~ Nelson Vivas , a few words in his defence
Shrewsbury Town ~ WSC’s club-by-club guide
Plus Letters , Webwatch