Editorial ~ How many Titanitc Tuesdays will there be?
Diary ~ Man Utd thrash Roma; Torquay leave the League; West Ham only fined for breaking rules; Sunderland and Birmingham return to the Premiership
Shot! ~ South-east teams dicing with the drop
Sidelines ~ The BBC’s new female commentator; Euro 2012 goes east; FA Cup ticket fiasco; Scottish breakaway foiled
WSC Exclusives! ~ Storm Over Probe Crisis
Fans and Policing ~ Leftist footballer Cristiano Lucarelli on Italy’s problems; changes to stadium safety after Roma v Man Utd; Athens rivals clash; Spurs’ fans problems in Seville
Shot! Archive ~ At Tottenham during the creation of a famous book
Match of the Month ~ Lincoln’s bid for the play-offs takes in a trip to a vast half-empty arena in Darlington
Masked Footballers ~ A new FIFA ban on players wearing masks has caused a furore in Mexico
Strange Case of... Fernando Ricksen, the former Rangers full-back who is trying to keep his considerable temper under wraps
Stadium Music ~ Why football crowds shouldn’t be told how to enjoy themselves
European Fat Cats ~ Arsenal face a takeover battle after vice chairman David Dein quits; English clubs dominate a European rich list; the EU tries to regulate on broadcasting deals – which could lead to a new super league
Letter From Holland ~ Where there was a three-way race for the league title on the final day of the season
Reviews ~ Brian Clough acclaimed; the story of the first League season; how the Glazers took over Man Utd; career pitfalls experienced by the average pro
Web review ~ Fantasy football sites
Letters ~ Your views  
Season In Brief ~ Division Four, 1971-72, with a surprise quartet winning promotion