Editorial ~ Number-crunching with the Big Four
Newswatch & Webwatch ~ New features dissecting the best and worst of the press and the latest internet trends
Shot! ~ Morecambe prepare for their League debut
Sidelines ~ Gloucester City under water; Gordon Smith takes charge in Scotland; Luton kick up a fuss in Northern Cyprus; a fraught summer for QPR
Club Owners ~ What do the US tycoons really want? Plus, Thaksin Shinawatra buys Man City
Summer Transfers ~ What players really mean when they talk about “ambition”
Match of the Month ~ Newcastle’s superstars draw  a packed crowd at Carlisle
Shot Archive ~ Bill Shankly steps down
New TV Deal ~ Setanta have ended Sky’s live monopoly, so are you better off or worse off? Plus, relive football history and Terry Venables singing on YouTube
Letter From ~ Italy, where an attempted takeover of Lazio by a famous ex-player has prompted a police investigation
New Grounds ~ Nottingham Forest and Everton plan controversial relocations
Smoking Ban ~ A history of fags in football
Football Skills ~ Can a pair of special socks help stop you dribbling? Sorry, improve your dribbling
Strange Case of... ~ Stéphane Dalmat, signing for a club near you soon
Continental Champions ~ Glory for Brazil and Iraq in South America and Asia
Reviews ~ Harry Potts; Alex Ferguson; Jimmy Johnstone; Damien Duff
Letters ~ Your views  
Season In Brief ~ Russia in 1992 and Spartak Moscow begin their era of dominance