Editorial ~ The menace of meddling chairmen
Newswatch & Webwatch ~ Dissecting the best and worst of the press and the latest internet trends
Shot! ~ Torquay’s away debut in the Conference
Sidelines ~ TV watch; Arsenal bid to trademark a fans’ nickname; an odd sacking at Carlisle; agents’ new rules
Ken Bates & Co ~ Reasons for Leeds fans’ protests being muted; recent successful campaigns
Youth Football ~ Why there’s a dearth of new English talent and plenty of young Italian stars
Controversy in Spain ~ A club buy their place in the second division
Supporters ~ A young fan on being priced out of modern football; a new DVD on global terrace culture; are English complaints about racism always helpful?
Shot Archive ~ Sunderland’s Len Shackleton runs through his repertoire
Match of the Month ~ Wigan visit West Ham, where hopes are high after a turbulent summer
Lee Hughes ~ How will Oldham fans react to their new striker, just released from prison?
Letter From ~ Switzerland, where Euro 2008 preparations are underway
Middle East ~ Jerusalem gets a new community club; a Palestinian team are barred from the UK
Strange Case of... Lothar Matthäus, a great player but a disastrous manager
Reviews ~ Arsène Wenger; Graham Poll; Gary Sprake; Neil Warnock
Letters ~ Dear WSC... Here’s what we think
Season In Brief ~ Division One, 1980-81, when Aston Villa and Ipswich were the big two