Editorial ~ Sven makes his decision
Diary ~ Leicester lewdness; Liverpool limp along; Millwall close in on Cup; Arsenal best ever?
The Bigger Picture ~ An all-English affair in the European Cup
Sidelines ~ Wales’ doping defeat ; memoirs of a righteous right-back; the era of the inflatables; life left in Livingston ; murkiness in Munich
News Just In ~ Wenger’s assault on Russia; Anfield takeover tedium; undead worry Cole
Solidarity in Spain ~ Football’s reaction to the Madrid bombings
Moving On ~ New stadium for the MK Dons ; Hearts’ Australian adventure
Football in the Community ~ Tackling racism in Burnley ; Chelsea and Arsenal put something back
Boardroom Battles ~ Opposition to an Old Trafford buyout ; Ken Bates wants to be Chief Owl ; what is Sam Hammam up to?
Strange Case Of ~ Keith O’Neill, never less than frank
Grounds for Complaint ~ Annoying PA announcers; a volatile night at the Stadio Olimpico
Shirt Numbers ~ The fashion for enormous numerals ; plus significant digits in football history
Witness for the Defence ~ How cloggers have become an endangered species in modern football
Letter From ~ Japan, where a teen sensation is generating the wrong sort of headlines
Bury ~ WSC’s club-by-club guides
Plus Webwatch , Letters