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Jon Spurling


Best kept quiet? George Best tributes    WSC 227 Jan 06
Cagliari 1969-70 As good as at it got    WSC 246 Aug 07
Call the caretaker Temporary managers    WSC 264 Feb 09
Christmas feasts The goals of Boxing Day 1963    WSC 299 Jan 12
Christmas feasts Boxing Day 1963    WSC 299 Jan 12
Dein and gone? David Dein quits Arsenal    WSC 244 Jun 07
Diplomacy Rules The Falklands war and the 1982 World Cup    WSC 245 Jul 07
False Economy Propaganda in Argentinian football    WSC 301 Mar 12
Feeding frenzy Feeder clubs    WSC 240 Feb 07
Foreign legions Arsenal and English players    WSC 218 Apr 05
Getting into Europe: The 1973 Common Market Match 18-08-16    WSC Daily
Give youth a chance Clubs' squad sizes    WSC 211 Sep 04
Glenn Helder George Graham's odd final signing    WSC 242 Apr 07
Harlow Town 1979-80 As good as it got    WSC 238 Dec 06
Holy commotion Sunday fixtures    WSC 324 Feb 14
Hope against hope Pre-season optimism    WSC 295 Sep 11
Leatherhead 1974-75 As good as it got    WSC 232 Jun 06
List of demands Unbeaten not enough for Arsenal fans    WSC 209 Jul 04
Madeira The future's bright    WSC 201 Nov 03
Moving experiences Summer transfers    WSC 212 Oct 04
New broom? Stan-ding by Arsenal's side    WSC 292 Jun 11
Out of time Arsenal's origins in question    WSC 300 Feb 12
Party fears Football's festive functions    WSC 251 Jan 08
Red alerts: Arsenal A house of cards?    WSC 203 Jan 04
Same old Arsenal The last season at Highbury    WSC 221 Jul 05
The 'Y' word The abuse of Tottenham Hotspur    WSC 230 Apr 06
The lights are going out A history of smoking in football    WSC 247 Sep 07
The Mister Men Stereotyping managers    WSC 210 Aug 04
Trade restrictions Arsenal try to trademark "Gooner"    WSC 248 Oct 07
Trophy bitter The decline of the FA Cup    WSC 228 Feb 06
True Storey by Peter Storey   
UEFA choice Champions League revamp    WSC 249 Nov 07
War wounds England v Italy 1934    WSC 334 Dec 14
We All Live In A Perry Groves World by Perry Groves    WSC 240 Feb 07
Wish you were here Players on holiday    WSC 283 Sep 10
Working class heroes Football and the miners    WSC 268 Jun 09


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