Editorial ~ We can’t wait for the World Cup
Diary ~ Chelsea win their tug of love over Essien; Gordon Strachan is all but lost for words; England embarrassed; the big kick-off
Shot! ~ Five promoted clubs take their first steps
Sidelines ~ Television horrors in Scotland and England; the fans take charge at Stockport, Brentford and Rushden
Plastic Fantastic ~ Artificial turf is back and better than ever
Thun Up ~ The Swiss side who have come from nowhere to face Arsenal; plus rare Welsh success for Rhyl and Carmarthen
Owen and Nakata ~ Just how good are the big-name arrivals at Newcastle and Bolton?
Shot! Archive ~ George Eastham, his wife and the League Cup get cosy in 1972
Match Of The Month ~ Chelsea struggle to find people with more money than sense as they play West Brom
Going Nowhere In Italy ~ Torino and Genoa fall foul of the authorities
Letter From ~ Argentina, where Boca Juniors have become a political football and their most famous ex-player has a new job
Lord Burns Of Soho Square ~ Will anyone listen to the independent review of the FA's structure?
Lights, Camera, Bad Actors ~ Make it your “Goal!” to miss this film
Strange Case Of ~ Cedric Anselin, who has travelled from Zidane's Bordeaux to King's Lynn via Norwich and a bout of malaria
Book Reviews ~ Crazy days at Wimbledon; casual looks at Liverpool; Bobby Robson tries to recall his career; a day in the life of football
A Season In Brief ~ Division Two, 1976-77: will Bolton or Forest take that last promotion place and go on to European glory?8
Plus Letters, Webwatch