Editorial ~ Video referees would hand even more control of the game to Sky
Diary ~ Benfica blues for Alex Ferguson and the Glazers; Sheffield United, big in China; Harry Redknapp on the move again; Crouch just keeps on scoring
Shot! ~ Standing the test of time: Premiership grounds with some original architecture
Sidelines ~ How Northern Ireland could find their new home a prison; philosophical differences between UEFA and the G-14; Big Ron's cappuccino comeback; Macclesfield's woes
FA Cup Meltdown ~ Will a return to Wembley check the slow decline of what was once the domestic game's most cherished competition?
Racism Rows ~ Paolo Di Canio, fascist and proud of it; the BNP get involved when Martin Allen is unhappy at Oldham fans' choice of flag; a controversial sending-off at Southend
The Sunderland Slump ~ Another unwanted record looms
Shot! Archive ~ An Eighties goalkeeper under stress seems to have his head in his hands
Match Of The Month ~ Rangers take on Hearts in a game between two sides on the slide, not long after winning or leading the SPL
World Cup Countdown ~ Federal Germany's security plans - all 16 of them; Portugal and Angola look forward to a game managing to last 90 minutes
Letter From ~ Russia, where one mogul has gone a step further than Abramovich – on to the pitch
Romario and Berkovic ~ Still making a noise back home in Brazil, or sulking with the crocodiles in Israel
Libel Lowdown ~ Watch what you write or you'll end up looking like Martin Samuel
Book Reviews ~ Ian St John gets angry; Pat Vieira fails to inspire; Premiership kits illustrated; Robbie Fowler remembers being famous
A Season In Brief ~ The birth of MLS as pro soccer (but not relegation or draws) comes to the USA
Plus Webwatch, Letters