Editorial ~ Sheikhgate wisdom from the Daily Mail
Diary ~ Pompey’s Russian lets Harry play transfer roulette; Evra cloud has a silver lining for City, even if they lose Fowler; Wigan are heading for Cardiff, Sven for the door
Shot! ~ All the glamour of women’s football on a Sunday in January
Sidelines ~ A Wright sulk as Chiles shines; football heritage in Milton Keynes; watchdog’s declassified report on TV; crisis clubs
Agent For Change ~ What Mike Newell’s bung-talk means, while a Luton fan stands up for the boss
And It's Goodnight From Him ~ Stoke’s problems with a managerial partnership; plus the prospects for the Republic of Ireland’s new double act
Director Action ~ Can UEFA get to the bottom of club ownership? Plus, Ipswich lose out
Shot! Archive ~ A balcony scene at the Palace as Malcolm Allison holds court
Match Of The Month ~ Stockport and Rushden battle, but both are in danger of the biggest drop of all
Paying The Price ~ Fans up in arms against ticket inflation and the great booking-fee rip-off
The Final Scores ~ The decline of teletext and the closure of Newcastle’s Saturday night football Pink
European Write Stuff ~ The success of new-wave football magazines in France and Germany
Book Reviews ~ Ipswich's first family; Jimmy Greaves, the fan; Archie McPherson waxes nostalgic; Jimmy Floyd, as exciting as a wax dummy
A Season In Brief ~ Oldham win Division Two, almost the last time anyone knew what that really meant
Plus Webwatch, Letters