Editorial ~ England’s technical failure
World Cup Diary - Groups ~ “It was like a big banana running at him.” “At one point he was living on a tiny boat.” “Graham Poll from Tring.” “It was just a little tug on the pants”
Exclusive! ~ Pundits rampage; Brazilians are boring; emotional England stars
England Fans ~ The support was better than the team, even if there were still songs about the war; plus, blaming FIFA more than the referees
TV Times ~ The BBC and ITV plumb new depths with their incessantly Englandcentric coverage; football and comedy fail to mix in several spin-off programmes
Penalty Kicks ~ What should be done to improve England’s woeful record in shootouts
Shot! Archive ~ The World Cup work of German photographer Sven Simon
Brazil ~ The search for scapegoats after the World Cup holders fell way short of expectations
Corporate Affairs ~ FIFA’s farcical ticketing system; plus, do sponsors really benefit from using the World Cup as a marketing tool?
World Cup Diary - Knockout stages ~ “Lucas Neill – adhesive!” “He’s frustrated, the Wayne boy.” “Ballack!” “There’s something Neanderthal about him.”
Italy’s Victory ~ Serie A’s biggest ever corruption scandal didn’t derail the new world champions
France & Portugal ~ The runners-up and the team they beat in the semi-final both improve hugely on their performances of four years ago
Australia & USA ~ Contrasting fortunes at Germany 2006 for two countries where football is overshadowed by several other team sports
How Was It For You? ~ The annual WSC survey focuses on your Germany 2006 experiences
At Home With The World Cup? ~ One man’s attempt to provide a different environment for watching the tournament