Editorial ~ Passion should go out of fashion
Newswatch & Webwatch ~ Why rugby is reckoned to be better than football, Steve McClaren’s job up for grabs; following live matches online
Shot! ~ UEFA Cup ties at Tottenham and Everton
Sidelines ~ Northwich fear for their future; Setanta on the Conference; referees get official help; Swiss police catch a controversial owner
England, Wales & Euro 2008 ~ Russian delight and surprise at victory in Moscow; why does John Toshack persevere?
Bolton & Spurs ~ Fans’ fury at boardroom blunders
Foreigner Quotas ~ Sepp Blatter’s latest idea is set to fail and wouldn’t achieve its aim
Shot! Archive ~ Spot the famous faces on an FA coaching course in the 1950s
Match of the Month ~ From Oxford, as the Conference’s biggest club take on Woking
Blokey Banter ~ Tim Lovejoy’s autobiography and a new fan culture show from Channel 4 plumb the depths. No, they really do
WSC 250 ~ A round-up of highs and lows of the past 22 years
As Good As It Got ~ The 25th anniversary of a surprise Soviet title win for Dinamo Minsk
Football & Race ~ Rugby league could offer lessons on bringing through Asian players, plus Blackburn’s drive to recruit Asian fans; Basile Boli’s surprise political career; and a German-Iranian refuses to play in Israel    
Reviews ~ Ian Holloway, not as funny on paper; Fergie and Shankly compared; the personable Peter Crouch; Brian Clough’s Derby days     
Letter From... Finland, where the Champions League is a distant goal for the top team    
Letters ~ Dear WSC... Here’s what we think    
Season In Brief ~ Johan Cruyff’s title-winning final season, putting one over Ajax in 1983-84