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The OTF forum has left the WSC website and returned to onetouchfootball.com.

More information can be found in "New forum - discussion thread" in World.

Football (11k topics)

UK and world football analysed and debated by the sharpest, most relaxed, sober and objective panel of pundits on the web.
Re: England v Scotland mayhem
by Alex Anderson
12 Jun 2017 09:53

World (14.4k topics)

Politics, science, philosophy, beer, religion, travelogues, food, love, sex, death and piss-taking.
Re: New forum - discussion thread
by Admin5
12 Jun 2017 09:59

Music (5005 topics)

Argue the toss about favourite groups, records, top ten lists, most influential bassist, how much you've blown on old vinyl on Ebay... or discuss your own compositions and recordings.
Re: Drummers
by kugelrund
12 Jun 2017 09:26

Film & TV (2890 topics)

Reviews, analysis, tips, fave directors, lists, script ideas, stuff about French actresses plus dramas, soaps, reality shite, gameshows, sitcoms and rants about how there are thousands of channels and still there's nothing decent on.
Re: TOTP on BBC4
by Outside Agent
11 Jun 2017 22:59

Sport (1687 topics)

Razor-sharp analyses of cricket, rugby (posh and northern), darts, er, snooker, baseball, American football, running and stuff, weightlifting, horseracing, cycling, bowls, fishing. And that's just for starters...
Re: Hot Ice: NHL 15/16
by Cal Alamein
12 Jun 2017 04:00

Books (749 topics)

Reviews, top 20 lists, new releases, the classics, lit-crit on the hoof, half-baked theories, plus loads of stuff about Richard Dawkins not being as funny as he used to be. New writers welcome... our sensitive audience would love to read excerpts from your manuscripts.
Re: Football Book Review Thread
by Mr Beast
10 Jun 2017 12:35

WSC Daily discussion (1229 topics)

Have your say on the WSC Daily articles
Lincoln's On Pitch Turn Around
by ingoldale
17 Jan 2017 13:09
Comment on articles published in When Saturday Comes
Re: The hundred club
by Alex Anderson
27 Mar 2017 14:15

Reviews discussion (33 topics)

Disagree with our book reviewers or have something to add?
Re: Born Under 
A Union Flag
by N est à?
11 Sep 2016 10:16

Euro 2016 (209 topics)

England v Wales, 3rd place calculations, first tournament for Iceland and Albania, will Michel Platini be allowed to watch?
Re: Sackings, resignations and retirements
by JM Footzee
01 Sep 2016 15:08

World Cup 2014 (388 topics)

Re: Clovis Acosta Fernandes
by Toby Gymshorts
23 Sep 2015 13:48

Euro 2012 (220 topics)

Re: Platini's 2020 vision
by Seven Saxon Kings
28 Oct 2013 18:44

World Cup 2010 (467 topics)

Re: England's squad numbers
by Ray de Galles
06 Oct 2014 14:41

Euro 2008 (236 topics)

Re: Barcelona vs Juventus Live Stream Finals 2015 CL
by Sean of the Shed
06 Jun 2015 10:39
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