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Nicolas Anelka will not be missed in China

23 Dec 2012 09:19 #744147 by WSC Daily
23 Dec 2012 12:57 #744148 by geobra
Maybe this is a salutary lesson for Chinese clubs. Signing fading stars who are only in it for the money is not the way to take the game forward in China, or anywhere else for that matter.
24 Dec 2012 00:19 #744300 by Borracho
Sky Sports were showing a re-run of Chelsea v Bayern Munich tonight (in fact, it's still going on, due to their decision to show the entire five-hour original programme in full).

Anyway, during their interminable, endless build-up to the match itself, I noticed that they flashed up a quote by Nicolas Anelka which was made in the aftermath of the 2008 final in Moscow.

I was asked to take one of the first five kicks. But I said: 'That is out of the question, I have come on basically as a right-back, and you want me to take a penalty.' So I had to go in seventh, but van der Sar pushed away my shot. All the better for him, that is the game.

That quote basically sums up his approach to his entire professional career.
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27 Dec 2012 12:23 #744966 by Tony C
A little bit harsh, AB, as Manchester City supporters certainly remember him as a player who gave his best in a pretty average team. Similarly, Bolton fans will keep fairly positive memories of him. He's never been a 'sleeves rolled up badge-kisser' (and many may see this as a big plus) but at these two clubs he looked interested enough.

His behaviour and attitude in Madrid, Istanbul and now Shanghai doesn't do his reputation any favours, though.
03 Jan 2013 12:22 #746894 by archifan
Sorry to be a pedant but "disinterested" means unbiased and not uninterested
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