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Platini's 2020 vision

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01 Jul 2012 13:45 - 01 Jul 2012 13:47 #685506 by Rogin the Armchair fan
8 different countries hosted "finals" matches in 1972 and 1976, after the qualifying groups had finished.
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01 Jul 2012 14:40 #685523 by Dalef65

The Awesome Berbaslug!!! wrote: Is this platini warming everyone up for having euro 2020 in ireland scotland and wales?

Or alternatively is he starting to realise that it could be tricky to host a european championship with 144 teams in a traditional setting. Maybe they should have thought about the practical difficulties of expanding the European championships to include 40% of all those trying to qualify.

I know Platini wants to spread the football message to hitherto unreached parts but there are limits.......
  • antoine polus
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01 Jul 2012 14:50 #685529 by antoine polus

David Agnew wrote: Because if you're going for a city in that area of Germany, you choose Frankfurt instead. Whereas the German World Cup needed 10 cities, so needed to choose them both.

They could have chosen a better location though. They didn't bother to use the Weser Stadium in Bremen. Bremen is a decent sized city with plenty of hotels and a nice city centre. Would have been a great host city.
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11 Oct 2013 15:47 #843398 by Gangster Octopus
Anyone for a European League ?
11 Oct 2013 16:54 #843414 by ursus arctos
I really don't see how adding a tinpot cup is going to make contemporary internationals from major countries take friendlies any more seriously than they do now.

It reminds me a bit of the attempt to make the Intertoto relevant.
12 Oct 2013 12:28 - 12 Oct 2013 12:29 #843643 by Satchmo Distel
Spot the obvious flaw in the plan:

"How the groups might look

First division Spain, Germany, Holland, Italy, England, Portugal"

So what happens when England get relegated and they play no friendlies against top sides for x years? Also, how do they fit in the Brazil friendlies?
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28 Oct 2013 11:07 #848333 by Sundeporino
Its more likely to be made up of four team divisions playing over two seasons H&A. That would allow friendlies against opposition from other continents to be fitted in.
Im all for it.
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28 Oct 2013 12:57 #848382 by oscar mike
A 40 team World Cup anyone?

Someone tell him to shut the fuck up, please.
  • Duncan Gardner
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28 Oct 2013 13:03 #848388 by Duncan Gardner
Current 32-team finals: 63 matches (64 with the third place play off)

Proposed 40 teams in groups of five: 95 (96) matches

32 extra games in only three more days might be difficult?
28 Oct 2013 18:44 #848526 by Seven Saxon Kings
I can only assume they'll go to four games a day through the duration of the group stage. Giving the teams three rest days each it would take 20 days to complete the group stage compared to 15 currently. Whether he's planning to shave off a couple of rest days elsewhere, which would be mad, or he's just miscalculated we don't know.

From a footballing point of view it makes little sense as well, as most if not all the additional teams sounds like they'll come from the weaker continents, filling the group stage up with even more boring games than it has at the moment. Keeping it at 32 but giving some of Europe's places to Africa and Asia will also be a negative until more of their sides start improving.
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