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Euro 2012 lookalikes
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TOPIC: Euro 2012 lookalikes

posted 06-06-2012 17:59
I'm not the first person to point this one out.

posted 06-06-2012 18:43
Fred Armisen as the co-owner of the feminist bookstore on Portlandia:

Sergio Ramos:
posted 06-06-2012 18:51
erwinsk wrote:
Best to get Buster Özil out of the way.

Rubbish- Peter Lorre any day of the week (but how do I link a picture? You'll have to trust me or Google him!)
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posted 06-06-2012 18:57
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posted 06-06-2012 19:05
Nice one Stumpy!
posted 08-06-2012 17:20
Georgios Samaras and

  • Calvert
  • Michigan seems like a dream to me now
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posted 08-06-2012 18:29


posted 08-06-2012 22:31
An older Paul Weller:

Bert van Marwijk:

The modern practitioner of "Total Dad-rock".
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posted 09-06-2012 10:57
Wojciech was in no mood to listen to Dad's lecture about his red card.......

Talk to ze hand....

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posted 10-06-2012 13:03

posted 10-06-2012 13:40

Marlo Stanfield talks to the press, meanwhile Ashley Young plots the expansion of his West Baltimore drugs empire.
posted 10-06-2012 14:08
If we're on the subject of The Wire, then Glen Johnson with his braids does remind me of …

posted 11-06-2012 14:29

TV glutton Adam Richman:
posted 12-06-2012 17:55

and Kyriakos Papadopoulos:
posted 12-06-2012 22:00
Dzagoev reminds me a bit of Alex Turner from Artic Monkeys:

posted 15-06-2012 11:30
posted 15-06-2012 11:40
Giorgio Chiellini

Mr Punch

posted 19-06-2012 21:04
Nesta Makhno wrote:

Marlo Stanfield talks to the press, meanwhile Ashley Young plots the expansion of his West Baltimore drugs empire.

Except... isn't Marlo Stanfield famous for his lollipops? Makes me thing of a different England player

posted 19-06-2012 22:59
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looks like pretty much any Corinthian figure.

I can't work out whether this observation has slightly racial undertones or is justified comment on unfortunate looks and prominent ears.

As a disclaimer, I have just returned from the Faroe Islands where I have become slightly addicted to Danish snus. I have therefore watched all the England games as a non-smoker, under the influence of high grade nicotime infused with micro glass schards that lacerate inner lip cappilaries to ensure a quicker and more intense infusion.

I always knew it would end up this way.
posted 19-06-2012 23:39

Over the hills with the swords of a thousand men.

Over the hills with the coaching staff on the way to Moscow
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