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Paraguay's Next Top Male Model final (ft Slovakia)
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TOPIC: Paraguay's Next Top Male Model final (ft Slovakia)

  • Sam
  • Posts: 8597
posted 20-06-2010 06:31
To be honest, I just wanted to get in first with the thread title, after the astonishing amount of man-love that was flying around on the Italy vs Paraguay thread.

The press down here are making a lot of the fact that South America's teams have played seven matches between them and have yet to lose (5 wins, 2 draws - against the 2006 finalists).

As far as I can see Gerardo Martino hasn't announced the Paraguayan team yet, but I'm sure they'll all be dreamy. Look out for left back Claudio Morel Rodríguez, who might be playing with a point to prove - he's just heard his Boca Juniors contract won't be extended beyond the 30th of this month.

¡Vamos Albirroja!
  • Etienne
  • Life sorted but now lacking time for OTF
  • Posts: 11198
posted 20-06-2010 12:27
But how hot is he?
posted 20-06-2010 12:27
So have Slovakia-Paraguay given us the longest national anthem combo in the tournament?
posted 20-06-2010 12:28
Marek Hamsik, not hot.
posted 20-06-2010 12:29
The intro to Paraguay's anthem touched me once again. They also appear to have some kind of Jah Rasta Lion on the back collar of their shirts.

And Roque Santa Cruz is HOT!

No Tacuara, *sob*
  • Etienne
  • Life sorted but now lacking time for OTF
  • Posts: 11198
posted 20-06-2010 12:30
Barrios, Valdez and Santa Cruz play in an attacking (and gorgeous (except for Valdez)) trident.
posted 20-06-2010 12:30
I'm going for Slovakia in this one. My support is based on the following crucial factors:

1. My friend's wife is Slovakian; she's really friendly and makes a lovely potato bake thing. I'm fairly certain that's why he married her. It's mint (always good with spuds, mint).
2. About a year ago, I saw the Slovakian team milling around outside Lillywhites, looking miserable and bored.
3. The SBS commentator has just described Paraguay as 'dangerous floaters' which is a mental image I could have done without as I was digesting my dinner.
4. Their strip looks a bit like Swindon's away kit.
Last Edit: 20-06-2010 12:34:08 by Big Daves Gussett.
posted 20-06-2010 12:31
Emptiest stadium yet?
posted 20-06-2010 12:32
Terrible turn-out for this game. County cricket-esque.
posted 20-06-2010 12:33
This is one game where I dont care who wins. Just hoping for a good game... so far so good.
posted 20-06-2010 12:33
John Harkes pronouncing 'Roque' like it's French.
posted 20-06-2010 12:39
In the looks dept., Santa Cruz and Skrtel are like matter vs. anti-matter. They should maybe not get too close to each other.
posted 20-06-2010 12:48
The BBC stream has just slipped back in time about three minutes, which is not only irritating but highly unsettling.
posted 20-06-2010 12:50
Paraguay had the best of the opening 15 minutes, but Slovakia have twice got into good wide positions but spooned crosses out of play. European team, wearing all white, barely had a touch, surrendering possession cheaply, fucking fluffing up the basics? It's unheard of.
Last Edit: 20-06-2010 12:55:33 by Big Daves Gussett.
posted 20-06-2010 12:54
THis has been a great game so far, open, positive from Paraguay.
posted 20-06-2010 12:57
Excellent goal.
posted 20-06-2010 12:57
Lovely goal!
posted 20-06-2010 12:57
posted 20-06-2010 12:58
That's a bloody lovely finish. Thoroughly deserved.
  • gt3
  • Posts: 1697
posted 20-06-2010 12:58
Great goal
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