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CF 2012 or How truly insane are SEC fans?

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20 Nov 2012 22:49 #734053 by Reed John
I don't think law professors should be hired right out of law school.
20 Nov 2012 22:50 #734054 by ursus arctos
Well, the sad truth is that they really shouldn't be allowed to practice law, either.
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  • Settle down, Beavis.
20 Nov 2012 23:04 #734060 by Reed John
That too. Maybe assist the real lawyers for a bit.

I can imagine that somebody who has never worked in reality outside of Ivy League universities could disappear up their own academic asshole and return ready to justify just about anything.
20 Nov 2012 23:07 #734061 by ursus arctos
Unfortunately, I don't have to imagine that.
21 Nov 2012 01:36 - 21 Nov 2012 01:37 #734100 by jason voorhees
I hate Notre Dame, and I'll always hate Notre Dame.

But the girls soccer coach, the one who broke UNC's streak, was from Edison, NJ. Edison always sucked, but that's because their best players went to St. Joes, who were tremendous. When they won the county title, their best player was a Nigerian who got deported for dealing coke. All of the players on that team loved him and supported him.

My father's best friend was a Connecticut Irish Catholic who is in the early stages of Alzheimers. I saw him at my father's 80th birthday party, saying the same joke and the same stories 5 times in a row. But he was a ND fan. Even when Tom Coughlin beat them with BC in that other greatest college game ever.

Charlie Weiss taught at Franklin HS in NJ, and everyone hated him. ND and Penn State are New Jersey, they were the mansions that everyone wanted to leave when Rutgers had logs embedded into a natural bowl for the student section.

Rutgers- The State University of New Jersey - in the Big Fourteen. I'll cheer for them. But you know, who gives a flying motherfucking fuck.

The Spanglish saying would be Nonsensicas Todos.
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21 Nov 2012 02:29 #734104 by Cal Alamein
Never liked ND. The darlings of the media, blah, blah, blah. However, as reported earlier in the thread, I have respect for this team this year and would just as soon see this team win it than bama. I am making the not-so-major assumption bama will kick crap outta auburn and then Georgia.

Heading to see in-laws in Okc/Norman area for t-giving, so hope to get tix for OU - OSU game. Should be a basketball score.
21 Nov 2012 11:58 #734227 by Flynnie
I am assuming, hoping maybe, that a lot of people want Notre Dame to win because of SEC fatigue.
21 Nov 2012 13:10 #734266 by ursus arctos
If that isn't the case, I fear for the Republic.

Of course, I fear for the Republic most of the time.
21 Nov 2012 13:27 #734278 by ursus arctos
I also wonder whether the "media darlings" label still fits.

It was certainly the case when I was growing up, and the national media agenda was set from New York, but it seems to me that this is less and less the case when it comes to college football.

We live in an age where ESPN sets the media agenda for the sport, and they don't have the rights to ND. And as with every other aspect of their operation (says the bitter hockey fan), their "editorial" agenda is driven by their commercial allegiances.
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21 Nov 2012 15:28 #734306 by Renart

Flynnie wrote: I am assuming, hoping maybe, that a lot of people want Notre Dame to win because of SEC fatigue.

Anything to avoid a repeat of the last BCS Championship snoozefest.
21 Nov 2012 15:59 #734320 by Incandenza
Oh yes. Anyone but the SEC.

What could be interesting is that Ohio State is currently #4 in the AP poll, but nowhere in the BCS picture. They could possible finish the season undefeated, and we could have a BCS champion with one loss. Ohio State could be crowned national champions by the AP voters.
23 Nov 2012 15:58 #735004 by Femme Folle
In one of life's precious moments, I will be watching the LSU game today with my Mom. She gave me my Dad's t-shirt, which I will cherish forever.
24 Nov 2012 03:07 - 24 Nov 2012 03:08 #735145 by jason voorhees
At least it was a good game, and a good win.

We'll see if they can get one of their 2-loss sneak-ins like the Ohio State game.

I'm saying Go Auburn and Aggies.
Last Edit: 24 Nov 2012 03:08 by jason voorhees.
24 Nov 2012 16:22 #735247 by Femme Folle
My mom wishes they would stop trying to give her a heart attack.

My boss gave Teddy an LSU shirt last year, so I put it on him yesterday. Mom was tickled.

24 Nov 2012 20:40 #735313 by Flynnie
Man, it's funny how a team to root for gives you interest. I didn't really care about college football until last week and now I've been watching all the games all day. Helps I get a rare Saturday night with the TV as the wife's in her room watching period drama and my brother in law is in his room.
25 Nov 2012 03:49 #735403 by Cesar Rodriguez
Ive seen a half dozen Notre Dame game this season and for an undefeated team they continue to underwhelm, up 9 in the fourth against a 4 loss team with a backup QB.

If they get out of LA with a win I don't see how the winner of the SEC - probably Bama - doesn't stomp all over them.
25 Nov 2012 04:24 #735404 by Cesar Rodriguez
Kelly incandescent with rage at one of the officials after a succession of penalties are called against his defense. Didnt matter, great stand on the goaline by the Irish.

Theismann high fiving Te'o on the sideline there, time to turn out the lights and hit the showers, this ones over.
25 Nov 2012 04:49 #735406 by Femme Folle
Yeah, Alabama will trounce them.
26 Nov 2012 02:38 #735666 by Cal Alamein
24 hours ago I was hollering myself hoarse at possibly the best college football I have ever attended. OU/OSU in Norman, Oklahoma.

85,000+ going apeshit in a game that started as a continuation of last year's OSU rout. 17-3 in the 1st quarter and OU's defense is helpless. OU gets it more together and its 24-24 at half. The first play from scrimmage in the 2nd half is a 75 yard pass play for an easy OSU td. The Sooners scramble, claw and fight to tie the game w/ 4 seconds left. We are left w/ overtime and the defense holds the Cowboys to a field goal. OU only needs two plays for much-maligned Brennan Clay to force his way for a game-winning 18 yd. TD. Very cool.

In the end, Landry Jones was 46-71 and 500 yds. Many spoiled OU fans have been calling for his head, but next year they'll likely wish he could come back. His stats have been pretty flat from his sophomore year, but he's given his all (all four years he's thrown for at least 3000 yards and 26 tds). Full disclaimer - I am biased as he is from Artesia, New Mexico and there are not too many starting New Mexicans on major Div. 1 schools.

These stats blew me away. OU ran 103 offensive plays and got 44 first downs.

The Cowboys have to be disappointed as they had control of the game, but the defense was gassed by the end. OSU has three solid QBs who are all returning. They played some bad games this year, but should improve next year. The Bedlam series stands to be competitive for the near future.

I'll close on a musical note. Nice to see both marching bands perform. My son is a football fan, but also plays trombone for his HS marching band so always a treat for him to see impressive big-school bands in action.
30 Nov 2012 03:35 #737006 by Incandenza
Here is the Pac-12 conference championship trophy:

Someone on Twitter pointed out the resemblance to...a piece of a woman's anatomy. Now I can't see it as anything else.
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