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MLB '12: The more things change...
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TOPIC: MLB '12: The more things change...

  • Renart
  • Texas vexes and perplexes
  • Posts: 8294
posted 21-11-2012 18:20
Yes, indeed, but those are the best teams. (I'm a total tragic romantic when it comes to the best sports teams to follow. I'm still having trouble adjusting to the Giants' recent successes, grateful as I am for them.)
posted 21-11-2012 18:57
I'm surprised he didn't have anything negative to say about their jerseys or the logo. Much like the superiority of the old Brewers logo, I've always thought the Mariners' old logo is better than the S with the compass:

posted 21-11-2012 19:10
I had a similar reaction, especially given his professed love for the old Brewers' uniforms (which are identical in terms of colours and similar in terms of style).

That said, ursus minor actively dislikes the trident logo, so perhaps that view more accurately reflects the fanbase.
posted 22-11-2012 01:16
I'm with Ursus Minor. The old Brewers logo was one of the top five sports logos of the past half century. The Mariners trident OTOH was logo ordinaire.

Seattle must be in the reckoning with Toronto and, maybe Cleveland, in having the most impotent set of sports franchises on the continent. There's really been nothing to cheer about down there since the 'Sonics heyday; bar the Squawks superbowl fart from a few years back.
posted 22-11-2012 07:05
posted 29-11-2012 04:44
BJ Upton to Atlanta for $75M/5 yrs.
posted 29-11-2012 13:07
What, one of the five most important people in the history of American sport dies and he gets nothin'?
posted 29-11-2012 13:45
I've been having difficulty with coming up with something that captures the enormity of Miller's contribution (and distressed by a thread on another board you are familiar with suggesting that he was no big deal).

But yes, Marvin Miller is for me the most significant off-the-field contributor to North American sports of the 20th century. Largely single-handedly, he completed redefined the relationship between owners and players that lies at the heart of professional sport.

  • Renart
  • Texas vexes and perplexes
  • Posts: 8294
posted 29-11-2012 14:54
How could anybody—love or hate "the mustachioed four-flusher"—think that Marvin Miller was no big deal?

Now fans need a Marvin Miller type to represent them (us), and redefine the relationship between teams and supporters.
posted 30-11-2012 15:46
Derek Jeter ain't looking so good

  • Renart
  • Texas vexes and perplexes
  • Posts: 8294
posted 30-11-2012 15:51
He's been raiding the one-night-stand gift baskets for chocolates.
posted 30-11-2012 21:26
Isn't being fat a prerequisite to be a baseball player these days?
posted 30-11-2012 21:30
Not so much for shortstops.
Last Edit: 30-11-2012 21:30:29 by ursus arctos.
posted 30-11-2012 21:32
Especially 38 year old shortstops...rehabbing a busted ankle.
posted 30-11-2012 21:52
To be fair to him I think the ankle is a large part of why he's chubby.
posted 30-11-2012 22:26
Which is why the Yankees' explanation that he isn't able to engage in "weight bearing exercise" is both accurate and hilarious.
posted 03-12-2012 18:12
Vin Scully currently in control of the Dodgers' Twitter account. He's a fan of Homeland, apparently.
  • Renart
  • Texas vexes and perplexes
  • Posts: 8294
posted 03-12-2012 19:15
Lots of people on Twitter talking about Homeland. Is it any good?
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