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I gave it ten seconds

07 Feb 2013 15:09 #760040 by blameless
Mrs b and myself were at the flicks to see Flight yesterday evening (good film, that), and while we were waiting for it to start one of the trailers was for I give it a year. Alas, the latter shows all of the signs of being one of those Brit rom-coms designed to appeal to the more gullible class of American cinema-goer:

- Wacky Brits (please god no)

- Non-Brits who are famous in America (Simon Baker, Anna Faris) shoehorned into a middle-England setting for no discernible reason.

- Photogenic but somehow featureless lead characters, whose characters are merely there for characters played by more famous members of the cast to make arch remarks about.

- Stephen Merchant taking on his boss Ricky Gervais' usual role as the pointlessly offensive one (ohhhh, he can't say that! That's so naughty!)

The only surprise is that for once Richard Curtis appears to have nothing to do with this nonsense.
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07 Feb 2013 21:47 #760155 by Gerontophile
It has Minnie Driver.

Anyone who can get a 'Wagon Wheel' into her mouth without it touching the sides, is cool.

I actually want to see this.
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08 Feb 2013 12:47 #760366 by Sits
I must admit when I saw the trailer I assumed Richard Curtis was involved too.
10 Feb 2013 17:29 #760900 by Southport Zeb
One of the special needs students I work with saw this the other day. He said it was great because there was loads of swearing.
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11 Feb 2013 07:00 #761003 by Reed John
The premise sounds worthwhile.
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19 Feb 2013 10:43 - 19 Feb 2013 10:44 #764158 by Felicity, I guess so
It wasn't too bad. I had two hours to kill and nothing else starting at an appropriate time.

Two or three laugh-out-loud moments, an interesting anti-romcom premise, Rafe Spall showing he is actually a good actor (he'll convince you he's an unfunny prick, which he's sort of meant to be). The lead woman is so painfully skinny I felt like shielding my eyes when she stripped to her undies.

Oh and the swearing/explicit sexual humour are remarkable- if you do rewind to 10 years ago's Curtis films, it gives you an interesting cultural contrast.
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