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Synths - the outer limits
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TOPIC: Synths - the outer limits

posted 11-02-2013 18:52
Now, I like a good synth as much as the next man, but these blokes are on a different planet from me ...and most other people too:

'I Dream Of Wires'

Y'see, for me music will always be about the tune. It may be 'pretty' or it may be chaotic and ugly, but I always like there to be some kind of tune. Now, although a few of these chaps (including the artiste who made this documentary, Jason Amm, of Solvent - one of my faves) do achieve that whilst using modular synths, a lot of them are at the pure experimental end of the electronic spectrum, just making massive howling walls of feedback or pummelling distortion.

But still, I kind of admire them with a sense of awed bewilderment. These are the electronica equivalent of obsessive car homologators, who will soup their cars up to near 1000bhp - way beyond what could ever be used on the road! And yet their obsession is impressive - almost a work of art in itself.

If I could afford a modular synth, would I have one? You bet I would! :-D ...But I'd probably never make a decent tune again and wreck all my other gear in the process!

Doctor Who has got a lot to answer for, I reckon!
posted 11-02-2013 20:16
Cheers for the link, that does look good. I'm loving this blog that your YouTube link referred to as well.

Sorry for sounding ignorant, but apart from Vince Clarke, Butch Vig, Gary Numan & Trent Reznor, were any of the other interviewees people I might have heard of?
posted 11-02-2013 21:10
John Foxx, Ben 'Benge' Edwards and Daniel Miller were all in there and so was Chris Carter (of Throbbing Gristle and Chris & Cosey). I'm not sure who most of the other people are, either.
Last Edit: 11-02-2013 21:22:32 by Et Ville C`est?.
posted 11-02-2013 21:18
Mitch wrote:
Cheers for the link, that does look good. I'm loving this blog that your YouTube link referred to as well.

If you're liking Electropop and Synthpop at the moment, you might want to check out this free compilation, from Montreal label Visage Musique. (edit: Skip straight to the track 'Love, French, Better'!)

Other bands to watch out for (edit: at the moment) are Nouvelle Phenomene, Sound Of Science, London Modular Alliance (my recent preoccupation, though they're pure Electro, rather than Electropop), Selofan and Vile Electrodes - all of which have only had one release (if that) so far.
Last Edit: 12-02-2013 08:09:13 by Et Ville C`est?.
posted 11-02-2013 22:02
On that 80's retro synth thing, I've listening to the Hotline Miami soundtrack loads recently: Miami Disco.
posted 12-02-2013 00:15
You ask me where to begin...
  • MsD
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posted 12-02-2013 01:57
Factory Floor .. have recently been working with Chris and Cosey.

And, yes.
posted 12-02-2013 05:49
Yeah, it was OTF's very own Carcass who championed Factory Floor pretty much from day one (and helped talk them out of changing their name to just 'FF', I understand!). He also gave me the heads-up for this fine event, 'back in the day', and a few of us went along together. (Who else was there? Lucia?) Seems like ages ago now! :-/

Personally, I'm not so much of a Factory Floor fan - much more of a Chris & Cosey fan. Factory Floor haven't got C & C's tunesmithery, IMHO.
Last Edit: 12-02-2013 06:50:32 by Et Ville C`est?.
  • MsD
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posted 12-02-2013 12:16
As Dominic's in the documentary, and as their new single, Fall Back, is making waves (single of the week in The Guardian) I thought they warranted a mention, and you said you weren't sure who most of the others were. He's one of them.
Last Edit: 12-02-2013 12:18:35 by MsD.
posted 12-02-2013 13:19
Yeah, after Mitch's original question (and my fractional answer) I realised that the list of contributors featured in that trailer are actually listed at the bottom of the page it's on! How embarrassing! :-S

(I have to hand it to Carcass, he was right on the money with Factory Floor, though!)
Last Edit: 12-02-2013 13:21:45 by Et Ville C`est?.
  • MsD
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posted 13-02-2013 00:49
Well, yeh, but more credit to the band for being very good.
  • Luke R
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posted 17-02-2013 14:15
I thought this thread was going to be about the spoof band the NME were going on about in the 90's. I remember sort of falling for it too.
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