Oral History of The Chronic

20 Nov 2012 07:21 #733728 by danielmak
Following a recent trend with these oral histories, here's one from LA Weekly about Dre's album.
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21 Nov 2012 17:04 #734345 by hobbes
Dre's a Liverpool fan, apparently.
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29 Nov 2012 17:39 - 29 Nov 2012 17:40 #736856 by Cesar Rodriguez

hobbes wrote: Dre's a Liverpool fan, apparently.

Apparently so.

Dr Dre wrote: They're the team I always look out for when I'm at home. Back in 1988 I was in London on a promotional tour with NWA, and one night we were watching TV and these cool cats in red came on the box. They whupped some poor dudes four or five zip.

Quite the John Barnes fanboy too:

John Barnes was bad. Kinda reminded me of Magic Johnson. I'm from LA and dig the Lakers, especially when Magic was there and Barnes was like him, in that he made the ball talk. The cat was cool.

Thats brilliant - the thought of Eazy E, Dre and Cube watching Alan Hansen, Steve Nicol, Bruce Grobbelar and co. is wonderful.
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