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The legs akimbo rock guitar stance
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TOPIC: The legs akimbo rock guitar stance

posted 17-11-2012 17:17

Ver Quo


The Cult

The quintessential

We've all seen it but what's it all about and where did it come from? Even I am a practitioner

and don't know where it comes from
  • Jah Womble
  • Easy listening for the hard of hearing
  • Posts: 8084
posted 17-11-2012 17:28
Elvis was ahead of the game...

...but not everyone can carry it off, however.

posted 17-11-2012 18:28
Now, you're onto something there, Jah. Elvis picked up a lot of that from the kung fu stuff. I wonder...
posted 17-11-2012 20:06
[Edit: fucked post]

Found a picture of Chuck Berry legs akimbo and couldn't post it.

Anyway, it was him, probably.
Last Edit: 17-11-2012 20:18:40 by Alderman Barnes.
  • Sits
  • The coin don't have no say. It's just you.
  • Posts: 7405
posted 17-11-2012 22:06
And of course:

posted 17-11-2012 22:09
Spotter's badge, AB

SWR, the 'on the knees' pose is a classic but a different thing all together
Last Edit: 17-11-2012 22:10:31 by Bored of Education.
posted 01-12-2012 14:47
Why not admit this is only an excuse to post a picture of yourself in your brand new suit?

By the way, the bottom button goes unbuttoned.
Last Edit: 01-12-2012 14:49:24 by Vulgarian Visigoth.
posted 01-12-2012 14:55
We've done this before and, if there is a button, it needs to be buttoned up
posted 01-12-2012 17:29
Sits With Remote wrote:
And of course:

Bavk in the day I always wondered why he appeared to have no genitals!
posted 01-12-2012 17:39
Bored of Education wrote:
We've done this before and, if there is a button, it needs to be buttoned up

Really, Bored, you don't want to discuss buttons with me unless you're ready for a ten-pager full of expletives. Let's just say it's a fashion faux pas befitting a footballer.
posted 01-12-2012 18:22
Keeping buttons unbuttoned therefore denying them their labour is bourgeois
posted 01-12-2012 19:32
A couple from Pete:

Not really up there w/ Phil Lynott though...
Last Edit: 01-12-2012 19:34:38 by Cal Alamein.
posted 03-12-2012 12:39
There's something not quite right here. No wonder Bernard kicked him out of the band.

  • MsD
  • Forum Sweetheart and Friend of the Stars
  • Posts: 11645
posted 03-12-2012 12:46
Paul Simonon did that low-slung thing too.

I'm having trouble finding a suitable guitar-playing position, have opted for the weight on one leg/hip and head slightly back; and am very glad I don't have to do it for any length of time. But that's probably an age thing.
posted 03-12-2012 18:04
Cripes, a bloke in a suit, but without a tie. Looks like he's off to the races.
posted 03-12-2012 18:05
At least I can't tell if he's wearing trainers.
posted 03-12-2012 21:03
Come on, I'm not a savage. Wearing suits without ties is allowed in rock and roll
posted 03-12-2012 22:09
Seeing as the suit is causing a debate, here is my latest version, specially for OTF

posted 04-12-2012 09:37
MsD wrote:
Paul Simonon did that low-slung thing too.

I saw him play with The Good, The Bad & The Queen not so long ago and he mostly had it a bit higher up, presumably as a concession to age, with the odd lunge thrown in. On the whole he was in rather better nick than Hooky though.
  • MsD
  • Forum Sweetheart and Friend of the Stars
  • Posts: 11645
posted 04-12-2012 10:48
Yeh, I saw him play last year and he's not still doing the crouching stance ... One of his former colleagues (Terry Chimes) is a chiropractor, maybe he's had a word ;-)
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