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08 Feb 2013 18:33 #760491
Last Edit: 08 Feb 2013 18:34 by Rogin the Armchair fan.
08 Feb 2013 19:11 #760504

Probably been up all night worrying about Sunluns FA Cup defeat by Bolton the night before.

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08 Feb 2013 19:29 #760505

More to the point, why does somebody think it's not only fine but actually funny to take surreptitious photos of sleeping people on public transport?

Is no-one allowed to be left in peace nowadays?

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08 Feb 2013 19:33 #760507

What Kowalski said. Whoever took and posted that photo online is a total wanker.

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08 Feb 2013 19:47 #760511

This is the kind of thing that drives those with important roles or fame to not use public transport - people just can't help themselves from doing stuff that makes them stay in a bubble, which is to everyone's detriment.

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