What did you get (that really made you happy)?

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29 Dec 2012 06:03 #745427 by Sits

Jon wrote: Will she pushed the boat out with expensive after shave, Selfridges...

I now feel bad for getting her much less. Luckily her birthday is just around the corner. Phew.

You'll have to reciprocate with Harrods or Harvey Nicholls I reckon.

Hope your Mum gets better quickly Ian.
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29 Dec 2012 11:14 #745474 by delicatemoth
My mum, who is into Chinese astrology, often gives me little ornamental rats fashioned from china, wood and the like (I am a 'Super Rat' according to this business). This year she gave me a little cloth girl-rat, which I read as an extremely sweet 'I accept and approve your gender weirdness' item. So that was great!
29 Dec 2012 17:04 #745528 by Femme Folle
Best wishes for a speedy recovery to your Mum, Ian.
30 Dec 2012 23:00 #745795 by Sam
Same from me, Ian. Hope she gets well soon.
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31 Dec 2012 07:02 #745860 by Amor de Cosmos
May I add similar wishes Ian.

I got to see the grandkids faces on Christmas morning and spend the holiday in Paris, which was a first for me. As a bonus BA upgraded my flight home to business class. Zzzzzzzzz!
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