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What did you get (that really made you happy)?
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TOPIC: What did you get (that really made you happy)?

posted 26-12-2012 02:00
I got KNIVES! Specifically, I was given a 3-pc Zwilling J.A. Henckels starter set. I have been cooking for myself, and for my dog, more since we moved into the new place last year. The kitchen is bigger and a lot easier to work in. The one thing I was missing, that I couldn't afford to buy for myself, was a good set of knives.

I dropped a hint to my nephews and VOILA! All those years of my spoiling them are paying off in a big way.

I also got a Kapoosh block to stick the knives in, and a 1TB external drive. I also got gloves with the fingertips cut off, which I was informed are for texting--I thought they would be very handy for picking up dog poop (those little bags are difficult to work with when you're wearing gloves). Either way, they will be used.

But, I am just so excited about my knives. All of those dull cheap crappy ones are going in the bin.

So what did you get?
  • Sam
  • Posts: 8615
posted 26-12-2012 02:18
I hope you gave them a few pennies in return. My mother has a terrible superstition about never giving anyone knives as a gift without taking something, however small, in return.

(I'm not saying I subscribe to that superstition. The first sentence above was written in jest.)

Anyway. I got money, a pair of socks, and a few books which included a signed copy of Telegraph Avenue, Michael Chabon's new novel, from my girlfriend. Unfortunately that last one wasn't a surprise (I was with her when she bought it), but it's still a wonderful present - I'm not too bothered about the autograph, but I've been looking forward to the book since before it was published.

Cheesy I know, but the best bits were the reactions which told me everyone else appreciated the presents I'd given them. One of those is still left, because I haven't had a chance to order my girlfriend's present yet.
posted 26-12-2012 02:50
Nothing of note on my present front, but it was very cool to get my wife a few items (and a hefty $$ gift card) for a LUSH outlet that opened recently in ABQ. She has had a rough semester in 2012, and to know that she can get any of the overpriced, but very cool soap/shampoo/bath items she wants that might bring some pleasure is a good feeling.

Henckels knives are badass - chop away!
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  • Reed John
  • Settle down, Beavis.
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posted 26-12-2012 03:09
New job
New microwave
New baking sheets
Licorice all-sorts
Other stuff
  • RobM
  • Cemented in Place Going Nowhere at All
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posted 26-12-2012 03:40
£55 of Fopp vouchers.
  • RobM
  • Cemented in Place Going Nowhere at All
  • Posts: 3427
posted 26-12-2012 03:41
And gin, and port.
  • RobM
  • Cemented in Place Going Nowhere at All
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posted 26-12-2012 03:50
And I bumped into Billy Brown, got to tell him I still love him because he Assistant managed the Hearts to the cup in 1998 and that remains the best day of my time watching the Jam Tarts..

Not sure he believed me but that was the first time in 35 years, even duffing the Hibs team he assistant managed 5-1 last year didn't quite make the nut, it was that time in 98.

Billy and me go way back, great guy - think it's the first time I've got to tell him how happy he made back in 98, good Musselburgh Athletic man as well.
  • Sits
  • The senses being dulled are mine
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posted 26-12-2012 09:26
Shirts, shorts, multiple chocs, pannetone, iTunes $$$ all of which are always good to get. But especially the Senna DVD - see revived thread - and a huge breakfast cup with "Pudding" on it from my daughter, which I used for my Christmas pudding and will probably use for tea at work.
  • TonTon
  • Twenty really is not plenty
  • Posts: 12344
posted 26-12-2012 09:42
Nothing. Me and the unsuitable boy went halvesies on a sound thingy for the telly and pc and that, before krismas, instead. So I will get something from my little bro - he is very inconsistent, just hope it's not whisky again since I haven't really drunk for a few years now and never liked whisky even when I did.

And something from mum, which will be funny, most likely. And cheap.

And that's it.

Oh no! How could I forget? A mate crocheted me a polar bear with Wimbledon scarf.
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posted 26-12-2012 10:16
Two days off work.
posted 26-12-2012 10:31
The BBC 5-box DVD set of the Olympic games, and the 6-DVD set of all the Monty Python films. But Christmas for me was seeing my girls' faces light up with surprise and unadulterated joy when they realised that on top of the presents they'd put on their lists, Santa had also brought them their own laptop computer. The simple joy of giving, and knowing that from now on the little feckers won't be nagging me to use mine all the time.
  • Duncan Gardner
  • Eliminate impossible, then improbable is true
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posted 26-12-2012 11:34
Standing in another man's grave.

Not literally, although I was visiting a terminally ill aunt in hospital last night.

70s Dadrock-obsessed dick fiction can b e a comfort at such times.
  • Wyatt Earp
  • This whole imbroglio is epiphenomenal
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posted 26-12-2012 13:03
Really enjoying Danny Baker's autobiography.
  • EIM
  • Hello this is gorgeous, anybody out there read me?
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posted 26-12-2012 13:37
A pair of Burlington Manchester socks, in Manchester United colours. Magnifico.

(look, sartorial internet disasters whinging about red socks, the base colour is black, with red and grey argyle diamonds, gold detailing. Gold, of course, being the colour of silverwear. Hang on... that's not right)
  • EIM
  • Hello this is gorgeous, anybody out there read me?
  • Posts: 17429
posted 26-12-2012 13:41
Richie also got me a vintage Lyle and Scott flat cap. It's very walking down Green Street to West Ham though. Maybe even a little cabby caricature couture. I certainly couldn't envisage wearing it to Gigg Lane without fear of being mercilessly mocked after the effect, by faceless internet weirdos. But I reckon I can get away with it on the more open-minded streets of Pimlico. I say open-minded, it's just there's a higher concentration of scruff-bags, mentally ill and heroin addicts round this way, so it's easier to get away with this sort of thing.
posted 26-12-2012 14:03
I wanted to bring my knives to bed with me last night, but, to be honest, I'm a little scared of the big one.
posted 26-12-2012 19:00
Without wanting to get all poncey about it, I am happy with and feel very lucky to have any presents but am far more bothered about how the presents I have given are appreciated. However, my wife managed to finally find one of these for me.

Going back to FF's point, my wife used to have a vegetable knife that she loved but took on holiday and left it there. I got her a replacement one and, she was so pleased with it, I think I could have got away without the eternity ring I also got her. Mind you, seeing as the original was part of a cut-price range that Sabatier did for Boots which has been discontinued for years - meaning I had to buy an actual Sabatier, it almost cost as much as the ring.
posted 26-12-2012 21:17
Enough cold, hard cash to allow me to order the negative and transparency scanner I've been wanting to buy so that I can start digitising a cupboard filled with 10000+ photos.

And a big jar full of old fashioned sweets, which at this rate are unlikely to see the new year.
  • MsD
  • Forum Sweetheart and Friend of the Stars
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posted 26-12-2012 23:16
We had trifle covered with glitter for our pudding.
posted 26-12-2012 23:48
An At-At walker. Beautiful, so it is. And unlike the oft-peddled gag from every talking-head nostalgia show, it’s actually bigger than I remember. Ms Brown thinks I’m a weirdo, mind (even though she had a hand in buying it); I fear she may be part of the rebel alliance.

But the best present was spending the first Christmas together in our new home. Nothing like breakfast-in-bed with the person you love in your own gaff (we had crumpets, bacon, scrambled-eggs and champagne, since you ask).
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