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The limits of liberty

27 Nov 2012 09:04 #736004 by Diable Rouge
In his seminal work on the topic, Mill declares that the three fundamental principles are absolute freedom of speech, freedom of action once no harm is done to others, and freedom of association, again with the same proviso. Does this mean for instance, that soft drug use should be unrestricted, as the user harms no other, and the suicide prohibition possible from hard drug use doesn't apply? Similarly, an argument could be made for prostitution, but that ignores the harm done through illegal trafficking and the dominance of the pimp. The freedom of political parties to operate mean that however distastefully, we must accept the right of any party to call for the overthrow of the state, the end of democracy, and even baiting of minorities under politically correct euphemisms. Finally, the publishing of the Muhammad cartoons may test the freedom of the press to its limits, but no community, whether ethnic, social or religious should be considered immune from satire.
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29 Nov 2012 01:41 #736578 by EIM
29 Nov 2012 02:15 #736586 by tee rex
Should the right of the bunny not to have a pancake on its head outweigh the photographer's freedom of expression?

Is the bunny in fact property, and should the owner have total freedom to do as s/he wishes with his/her property?

Should a hungry person have the right to eat that pancake? Or the bunny? Even if both are somebody else's property?

Should the bunny have freedom of association with other bunnies, even if that leads to a rapid proliferation of bunnies, thereby possibly restricting the freedoms of non-bunnies?
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