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Howler and The Vole

17 Nov 2012 17:10 - 18 Nov 2012 02:59 #733129 by Slightly Brown
I hope Ann and the Horn (senior and Young Master) don’t mind me sticking this up. I wasn’t going to as it didn’t feel it was my place, but then I read it again and thought The Vole would have been miffed if I didn’t. It’s funny reading it, like talking to Obi Wan on Dagobah...the ephemeral, wispy so-and-so. Anyway, it wonderfully displays The Vole, the meticulous and impassioned curator that we all adored.

The Vole
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17 Nov 2012 17:56 #733140 by Femme Folle
Thanks for sharing it.
17 Nov 2012 18:04 #733144 by Sam
Yes, likewise SB. When the folks from Howler found out, they did a spot of Googling and came across the thread here on which David told us he was dying. When they saw my name on there they emailed me to share their sadness, and told me they'd been completely unaware he was ill - at the same time as his treatment was going on and all the other stuff we were reading about then, they were bothering him with rewrites and opinions and drafts, and he hadn't batted an eyelid to complain or to tell them, 'I'm ill and have more important things to worry about.' I'm glad the piece has seen the light of day somewhere.
17 Nov 2012 18:06 #733145 by Antepli Ejderha
Thanks for sharing this.
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17 Nov 2012 22:21 #733233 by Sits
Thanks for that SB.
18 Nov 2012 00:20 #733255 by Incandenza
I had put this up in the main thread about Vole, but I don't think anyone saw it there. Glad that someone else shared it so more could find it.
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