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John Carlos (among others), Monday night
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TOPIC: John Carlos (among others), Monday night

  • EIM
  • Hello this is gorgeous, anybody out there read me?
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posted 18-05-2012 17:08
I've just booked my place at this, anyone else fancy it? It's freemans, and as good a way to spend a Monday night as I can imagine.
  • TonTon
  • Twenty really is not plenty
  • Posts: 12344
posted 18-05-2012 17:20
Me Me Me Me Me

I think the excellent Dave Zirin is there too.
  • RobM
  • Cemented in Place Going Nowhere at All
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posted 18-05-2012 18:03
That looks the business.
  • NHH
  • Posts: 2944
posted 18-05-2012 18:03
Bastards. Grr etc
posted 18-05-2012 21:06
I wondered why he was on this (at 2hrs 50s)

As CVs go, "Black Power Salute Olympic Medal Winner" is pretty good
  • Renart
  • Texas vexes and perplexes
  • Posts: 8319
posted 18-05-2012 21:41
Cool. I want to read Carlos's book.

The salute on the medals stand happened before I was born, but it must have been an electric moment to witness. (Somebody should write a book about the '68 Olympics, actually, if it hasn't been done. Not only did this happen, but students flew a kite to cast a shadow over the presidential box during the opening ceremonies in protest of the Tlatelolco massacre. And less politically, the '68 games saw Bob Beamon set a long-jump record that stood for 23 years, and the games' graphic design, by Lance Wyman, was fantastic.)

I found it very touching that when Peter Norman died in 2006, Carlos and Tommie Smith delivered eulogies and were pallbearers at his funeral.
posted 18-05-2012 21:47
Peter Norman was an under-rated part of this. Not only did he lend John Carlos the gloves but his support for them got hem treated as much like shit by the Australian Olympic organisers as Smith and Carlos got from the US ones
posted 18-05-2012 21:52
We were talking about Norman in the sport documentaries thread in Sport.
posted 18-05-2012 21:59
Don't let us stop you
posted 18-05-2012 22:22
Cool, thanks.
  • TonTon
  • Twenty really is not plenty
  • Posts: 12344
posted 21-05-2012 23:59
This was as excellent as expected. Maybe even a bit excellenter.
  • EIM
  • Hello this is gorgeous, anybody out there read me?
  • Posts: 17429
posted 22-05-2012 15:16
Incredible stuff. I was almost moved to tears at several points in the evening. And John Carlos is a fucking dude. Doubly so for wearing an orange polo. That shit speaks to me.
  • TonTon
  • Twenty really is not plenty
  • Posts: 12344
posted 28-05-2012 16:04
Meetings with John Carlos this week

The meetings with John Carlos have been brilliant. If there is one in your area make the most of it!

Tuesday 29 May Stratford: 6.30pm, Stratford Picturehouse, Salway Road, London E15 1BX

Wednesday 30 May Notting Hill: 9pm, Gate Picturehouse, 87 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3JZ

NEW EXTRA DATE in Bristol! Friday 1 June, 7pm, Malcolm X Centre 141 City Road BS2 8YH
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