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Perfectly reasonable things that annoy you
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TOPIC: Perfectly reasonable things that annoy you

  • Sits
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posted 29-12-2012 06:14
La Lanterne Rouge wrote:
Along with "artisan", you can have "bespoke".

"Boutique" anyone?

There's a sandwich shop round the corner from our office which serves (admittedly lovely) sandwiches on wooden boards like this (without the logo):

Down Sydney way something which absolutely gets on my wick is people (in front of you) who drop their speed down below 45kmh,when there's a speed camera in a 60kmh zone. The same people would be monstering your mirrors if you were doing less than 70 in the same stretch, without the camera. It's set at 60 folks, it won't take your picture unless you go over 60.

Actually there's nothing reasonable about that whatsoever.
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posted 29-12-2012 08:44
Erics Inner Monologue wrote:
If it comes in a massive tub from Brakes, you can't call it aioli. If you make it yourself from garlic, egg whites and olive oil, you can.

Who made this rule?
  • hobbes
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posted 29-12-2012 08:55
Carole Decker from T'Pau, TonTon.
posted 29-12-2012 09:28
I always think of her as T'Pau, herself. And of course I defer to her.
  • hobbes
  • A bastion of rightness in a wrong world
  • Posts: 11934
posted 29-12-2012 09:35
That's just silly. T'Pau is Spock's mum.
posted 29-12-2012 09:47
Are you claiming that Carole Decker is not Spock's mum now?
posted 29-12-2012 16:08
People who make aioli with egg whites rather than egg yolks. They annoy me because they can perform strange magic.
posted 29-12-2012 16:25
Well spotted! Although you never know with EIM, he's probably put that in there deliberately to test us.
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posted 29-12-2012 22:11
posted 29-12-2012 22:20
Call The Midwife

There's a reason I'm on OTF at twenty past ten and not slumped in front of the telly.
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