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Murdoch scum
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TOPIC: Murdoch scum

posted 19-09-2012 22:02
It maay or may not be a frivolous lawsuit, but shareholder class actions are two-a-penny in the US and only a fraction of them go anywhere in terms of serious damages/settlements. And this is clearly sticking an unrelated cause of action on to the original claim - not sure how the judge will feel about that. Plus, given that News Corp's share price has performed pretty well in the last couple of years despite everything, it's going to be hard for the shareholders to prove damages.
posted 19-09-2012 22:09
All true.
posted 20-09-2012 11:11
posted 24-09-2012 21:07

First cop charged as part of Operation Elveden.
posted 26-09-2012 12:34
They're not in a hurry to bring it to court...
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posted 26-09-2012 13:25
That's probably about standard for a complex, documents, case with lots of defendants and lots of QCs.
posted 02-10-2012 16:01
This is of course less important than a teacher running off with a 15 year old pupil last week, and having since come back.

Detective chief inspector April Casburn, 53, is accused of offering to the now-closed Sunday tabloid information about Operation Varec, the investigation into whether the Metropolitan police inquiry into phone hacking should be reopened.

The Official Secrets Act charge could be revealed for the first time on Monday after a Westminster magistrates court judge lifted reporting restrictions following representation from several media groups. The Guardian, BBC and the Times challenged the order, which was made under Contempt of Court Act.

Casburn appeared before district judge Quentin Purdy at Westminster magistrates court to face charges of breaching the Official Secrets Act and of misconduct in public office.

She has also been charged with misconduct in public office after the Crown Prosecution Service examined a file sent to them by officers working on Scotland Yard's Operation Elveden investigating alleged inappropriate payments by journalists to police and other public servants

A Chief Inspector- sounds important. She's actually even more important than that sounds:

Casburn is the former head of the National Terrorist Financial Investigation Unit which supports some of the most sensitive police inquiries.

Fuck, fuckity, fucking, fuck.
Last Edit: 02-10-2012 16:02:27 by Tubby Isaacs.
posted 15-10-2012 16:55
Bless. He's such a charmer, innee?
  • Edie St Pierre
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posted 16-10-2012 12:20
He mentioned how the Saville scandal proves that there's a conspiracy of silence too.

Anyone get the paranoid feeling a story was saved for a rainy day?
posted 16-10-2012 13:40
posted 16-10-2012 14:38
posted 16-10-2012 15:12
That's interesting legal advice that Cameron got.

It isn't normally the case that a subject of an investigation gets to determine what evidence in their possession is "relevant".
posted 16-10-2012 15:56
It's fairly normal for non-criminal investigations into the PM, unfortunately.
posted 16-10-2012 16:02
That's unfortunate.
posted 20-11-2012 10:59
posted 20-11-2012 16:09
Nothing on here about Rupert's little twitter rant.
posted 20-11-2012 16:20
It's pretty funny in light of his previous testimony about not interfering with the Sun/NOTW. All of a sudden he expects proprietors to control the editorial policy of their newspapers.
  • Edie St Pierre
  • Tony! Clarissa! Have you been introduced to Max?
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posted 20-11-2012 16:25
Antepli Ejderha wrote:
Nothing on here about Rupert's little twitter rant.

Yeah, it was raised by Gangster Octopus on 15-10-2012 15:55 by means of a hyper-link and I made a comment on it.

It's in the minutes.
posted 20-11-2012 16:38
Was thinking about Saturday's tweet:

Why is Jewish-owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?
posted 20-11-2012 17:46
I have nothing to add to this thread at the moment I just want to see a topic reach 100 pages.
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