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The WTF? Thread
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TOPIC: The WTF? Thread

  • Renart
  • Texas vexes and perplexes
  • Posts: 8230
posted 16-01-2013 16:25
ursus arctos wrote:
Sandy Hook Truthers.

5.5 million views on YouTube.

The mind boggles. A lot of people in this country really need to dust off and resharpen Occam's razor, and use it.
posted 18-01-2013 16:41
Dog runs over man with car:

Florida or Ohio?
  • alyxandr
  • a virtuous hipster cauldron of loveliness
  • Posts: 2085
posted 21-01-2013 18:27
professor seeks woman to give birth to baby Neanderthal

(Edit: never mind)
Last Edit: 23-01-2013 00:55:08 by alyxandr. Reason: believing the MSM, how embarrassing
posted 21-01-2013 23:06
posted 22-01-2013 18:49
posted 22-01-2013 18:58
Incandenza wrote:

That really is a 'What the FUCK?' moment.
  • WOM
  • Edited by Amor de Cosmos
  • Posts: 26340
posted 22-01-2013 19:15
Yeah, that's so underhanded it's almost admirable. Imagine how long they'd been planning that move. Weeks...months...all to undermine the democratic process a little more because the poor black people have got the upper hand. Cnuts.
posted 24-01-2013 19:49
Ah, Republicans.

If a Republican legislator in New Mexico gets her way, women who have abortions after being raped could face jail time for "tampering with evidence."

State Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R-Carlsbad) introduced a bill yesterday that requires rape victims to see their pregnancies through during the course of their sexual assault trial, or be charged with third-degree felony evidence tampering.
  • Renart
  • Texas vexes and perplexes
  • Posts: 8230
posted 24-01-2013 19:53
Cripes, what awful people.
  • Reed John
  • Settle down, Beavis.
  • Posts: 17951
posted 24-01-2013 19:56
Even though I went to college there and have friends there and know of some nice bits worth visiting, I have to concede that Virginia is really a terrible backward place and you couldn't pay me to live there again.
  • WOM
  • Edited by Amor de Cosmos
  • Posts: 26340
posted 24-01-2013 20:00
ursus arctos wrote:

How do people like her go about their daily business without continuously being punched hard in the face by total strangers who just can't abide their stupidity?
posted 24-01-2013 20:13
The saddest thing I've read about this so far is that she was unopposed in both the GOP Primary and the general election.
  • Renart
  • Texas vexes and perplexes
  • Posts: 8230
posted 24-01-2013 20:46
That's not at all unusual now because of heavily gerrymandered districts.
  • caja-dglh
  • a little less horrible but still kills penguins
  • Posts: 7504
posted 25-01-2013 15:57
Impossible is nothing student dead from apparent suicide?
posted 25-01-2013 16:10
Wow, I was pretty sure that that was a fake yesterday.

It will be generations before he is forgotten on Wall Street.
  • caja-dglh
  • a little less horrible but still kills penguins
  • Posts: 7504
posted 25-01-2013 19:19
Carl Icahn reminds us that he doesn't like Bill Ackman. The video is excellent, particularly the end and the evidence of the ten-second tape delay.
posted 25-01-2013 20:13
Trading in the S&P fell by something over 50 percent while that was going on.
  • Wouter D
  • Shed my Smallcaps skin
  • Posts: 4463
posted 27-01-2013 21:36
Apparently, Sweden is now so efficient in recycling all their stuff, that they no longer have enough trash to burn in order to convert it into electricity and heat. So, they are going to import trash.
Last Edit: 27-01-2013 21:36:54 by Wouter D. Reason: go easy on the linebreaks, please.
posted 28-01-2013 07:44
Last Edit: 28-01-2013 07:44:35 by Daze.
posted 01-02-2013 09:10
The testimonial is one thing, but the diagram - my goodness, the diagram...

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