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CL - 8th finals

20 Feb 2013 20:20 #764987 by jason voorhees
Absolutely loving this Galatasaray-Shalke barnburner.

There's a chance or injury a minute. You think they're faking the injury, until you see the replay and you wonder how they're still alive. Heads crashing into each other, arms nearly getting ripped off, etc.

Shalke has absolutely no fear or respect for Galatasaray's defense or going down 2 or 3 goals (which they could have been had Galatasaray not hit the crossbar on that open net, or had Sneidjder not slipped on his shot.)

Fun, fast game so far. Galatasaray's crowd whistling every seingle second Shalke has the ball, and is red hot as usual.
20 Feb 2013 20:48 #764990 by Pietro Paolo Virdis
Comic book goal by Yilmaz
20 Feb 2013 20:51 #764992 by linus

moocowe wrote: That's a horrible kit isn't it?

20 Feb 2013 20:54 #764993 by ursus arctos
20 Feb 2013 20:58 #764996 by linus
Lol, what a ridiculous non-call.
20 Feb 2013 20:59 #764997 by jason voorhees
The internet broke, otherwise you would've known real All-American Jermaine Jones scored the equalizer to go with his yellow card (being that he saw the ref give Galatasaray's keeper a yellow for a pantomime imaginary yellow pleading, you may have thought he would keep from doing it himself. No such luck.)

Drogba's looking great in that 3-forward set, and Gala is determined to score within 3 seconds of winning any ball in the midfield. They certainly can score 3 or 4 in the 2nd half.

However, tight marking for them means standing anywhere you want in a 10-yard radius of any attacking player standing on the penalty area, so Barça and Messi would probably score 10 on them.
20 Feb 2013 21:00 #764998 by moocowe
Training ground practice pays off for the goal.
20 Feb 2013 21:02 #765000 by linus
The main pay off here is the one the referee is getting for screwing Barca.
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20 Feb 2013 21:04 #765002 by antoine polus
Fabregas, the man who took a pay cut for the opportunity to ruin his career.
20 Feb 2013 21:13 #765004 by jason voorhees
I love Puyol's new hairdo:

PLEASE tell me that wig will be around come Halloween.
20 Feb 2013 21:39 #765007 by jason voorhees

Berlusconi's tactical wizardry indeed shut down Messi. Loved seeing Balotelli celebrating with his boys and boos.

Ass Crack wins it. Not sure how Barca can get 2 or 3.

Galatasaray -Schalke finishes 1-1. Should be a great 2nd leg.
20 Feb 2013 21:40 #765008 by matt j
Good performance from Milan, frankly. Closed down well, left no spaces... and fuck me, that is exactly what Eric Wynalda said. Great second goal too.

Sanchez was very poor once he came on. Should have been Villa or Tello I think. Fabregas (and Messi (and Xavi!)) were also pretty poor.

Any other team, and you'd say this was already wrapped up for Milan.
20 Feb 2013 21:53 #765011 by Pietro Paolo Virdis
Well, what do you say?
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  • We can beat them, just for one day
20 Feb 2013 21:55 #765012 by antoine polus
As a full-back, I am loving this. Barca thought you didn't need defenders in football. Well up yours Barca.

Idiots, all they had to do was sign good, on-the-ball defenders like Kompany and Vertonghen when they were still at Hamburg and Ajax. But nooooo, they don't understand the Barca culture...
20 Feb 2013 21:55 #765013 by dalliance
Fantastic effort by Milan, almost superhuman levels of running and pressing there. The old team had many virtues but they wouldn't have had the legs to do that tonight.

I suppose the downside to Milan's youth was the several times when they were in promising attacking situations and players made the wrong call. Worked out ok though.

Barcelona never really got going, did they. They had little snap to their game at all and they just never moved the ball quickly enough to trouble Milan. What must have been worrying for them was the lack of response to the opening goal.

I thought Milan might sit in even deeper, but their confidence rocketed and they looked much the better team for the last half hour.

Berlusconi's best decision in recent years was not sacking Allegri when Milan were toiling earlier this season. I think he's a great coach who has had to adapt to a constantly changing playing field at Milan. The quality of player goes down season after season through no fault of his and yet he marshals what he has really effectively indeed.

A good round so far for Germany and Italy and a lousy one for Spain.
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  • We can beat them, just for one day
20 Feb 2013 21:55 #765014 by antoine polus
2-0 for Milan was 40-1. 40-1!
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  • We can beat them, just for one day
20 Feb 2013 21:56 #765015 by antoine polus
Was it just me or did it appear that the San Siro pitch had been narrowed?
20 Feb 2013 21:59 #765017 by Pietro Paolo Virdis

Bryaniek wrote: 2-0 for Milan was 40-1. 40-1!

I almost made my winning streak to two in a row.
I had 1-1 in the Schalke game and 2-1 to Milan.
125 times the money.
20 Feb 2013 21:59 - 20 Feb 2013 22:00 #765018 by dalliance
Ha. I love it when a team has a bad night at the office and someone immediately leaps on their back to crow at just how wrong they do things.

It's a fairly ridiculous argument when it's aimed at one of the greatest silverware hoovers in the history of the game.
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20 Feb 2013 22:09 #765020 by Sean of the Shed

dalliance wrote: A good round so far for Germany and Italy and a lousy one for Spain.

Second legs:
Man Utd v Real Madrid (1-1)
Paris SG v Valencia (2-1)
Barcelona v AC Milan (0-2)
Malaga v FC Porto (0-1)

It's entirely feasible that no Spanish team will make the last 8. I'd have liked to have seen the odds on that before the first legs.
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