Letchkov Jailed

15 Jan 2013 12:40 #751167 by Satchmo Distel
15 Jan 2013 14:35 #751231 by treibeis
Good player, Letchkov. I saw him play in an indoor tournament when he was at HSV. I was sitting right down the front and the speed of his footwork, when viewed from close-up, was simply marvellous.

The only other things I can remember about that tournament were that Uli Borowka had a behind the size of my favourite armchair and that Otto Rehhagel, when he invaded the pitch to remonstrate with the referee, walked as though he'd done it in his pants.
15 Jan 2013 14:52 #751235 by Antepli Ejderha
Saw him play for Beşiktaş back in 1997 and was not impressed, was he a really talented player who could not be arsed or a one hit wonder who lived off the goal against Germany?
15 Jan 2013 15:08 - 15 Jan 2013 15:11 #751239 by treibeis
The HSV fans adored him. Mind you, Brian Glover in his role in Kes could have got in the HSV team then. In fact, he could probably get in the HSV team now.

I know Letchkov was saddled with a reputation as a lazy arse towards the end of his career, but on the few occasions I saw him at HSV, he was as industrious as anybody else on the pitch. One of only a handful of 'silky midfielders' I've seen who wasn't afraid to get his shorts dirty.
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15 Jan 2013 16:49 #751277 by Patrick Thistle
I remember that goal. I was late to an event (as were several other people) and we all nodded at each other and mouthed the words 'Bulgaria won!'
15 Jan 2013 18:25 - 15 Jan 2013 18:25 #751322 by Kurt Bafokeng
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15 Jan 2013 22:37 #751391 by jason voorhees
I coach at, and the head trainer played with the entire 94 team right up to the World Cup (all of the youth World Cups and Euros.)

The stories he tells about all of those guys back in Bulgaria is quite depressing. It's to the point that I'm not sure if we'll ever see Bulgaria in another major tournament from the chicanery and hijinks.
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16 Jan 2013 10:18 #751474 by Jah Womble
He should get his old mate Stoichkov to help him escape - the boy's proven at hoofing it over a wall.

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