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League Cup Quarter-Finals
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TOPIC: League Cup Quarter-Finals

posted 12-12-2012 23:58
Boro fans chanting Engerland then they start singing god save the queen amusing stuff.

wankers- used to quite like Boro fans' songs
posted 13-12-2012 09:24
if it ends up Leeds-Bradford in the semis, we'll have to start working on airport-related puns.
posted 19-12-2012 18:54
Woo hoo, our big night has arrived. Will have to judge the acceptable degree of gloating well tonight, though, as the missus is from a long line of Chelsea fans (genealogically that is, I don't mean she's just emerged from a queue).
posted 19-12-2012 20:51
Becchio gives the home side a half-time lead.
posted 19-12-2012 21:07
mata immediately equalizes just after half time. chelsea seem to have brought on all their stars now.
  • Ray de Galles
  • I have every comfort and every sport
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posted 19-12-2012 21:24
The first change, Hazard for Marin, wasn't until an hour in.
posted 19-12-2012 21:30
I assumed that multiple players were on at that stage. I didn't realise that they had started with such a strong team.
  • Borracho
  • Two course duffer
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posted 19-12-2012 21:31
Chelsea are now taking it in turns to score. Even Torres has managed to dip his bread in, getting the fifth one.
posted 19-12-2012 21:46
Never mind. All is vanity when all's said and done.
  • Ray de Galles
  • I have every comfort and every sport
  • Posts: 23973
posted 19-12-2012 21:52
Jamie Redknapp is conducting his cousin's contract negotiations at length in the Sky post-match.
posted 19-12-2012 22:06
Evariste Euler Gauss wrote:
Never mind. All is vanity when all's said and done.

Quite right.

Semi-final draw coming up.
posted 19-12-2012 22:06
Chelsea v Swansea

Bradford v Aston Villa
posted 19-12-2012 22:16
Villa were the popular choice in the "who do you want to play?" sweep.

I think there was a bit of apprehension of having Chelsea run up the score over two games whilst getting a larger pay day, and I doubt a tie against Swansea would fill up either team's stadium.
posted 19-12-2012 22:26
ah shit Chelsea will win it then
posted 20-12-2012 08:13
Chelsea should finish in the top four, but I suppose reaching the final wouldn't guarantee their opponents a Europa League slot?
posted 20-12-2012 09:31
I don't think it does. I think it goes something like:

Three places in Uefa Cup:

1. Fifth placed team in Premier League.

2. FA Cup Winners or Runners-Up (if the FA Cup winners have already qualified for Europe and runners-up haven't.)

3. League Cup Winners but not the runners-up (place goes to next lowest placed Premier League team that hasn't already qualified.)

I'm not certain, though. The Premier League's rules are inconclusive - they don't mention the League Cup runners-up at all, but I'd not take that to be a positive sign.
posted 20-12-2012 11:04
I don't think they've ever done the runners-up get a place in Europe for the League Cup, have they? It didn't happen after the 2001 final IIRC, anyway. Birmingham were in the First Division back then, I think, and Liverpool (winners) qualified via the league. Blues didn't play in Europe.

I think Tranmere were told the same thing in 2000, that even if Leicester qualified via some other method, Tranmere wouldn't get a European spot.
posted 20-12-2012 11:37
Yep, there has never been a spot on offer for being League Cup runners-up to my knowledge. I don't remember how things were pre-1985, though.

Ian's access list is close to correct. I believe it runs something like this.

1) FA Cup winners
2) Highest Premier League finisher who are not FA Cup Winners or qualified for the Champions League (very usually 5th, on odd occasions something else, like last season when Spurs were in this slot for 4th)
3) League Cup winners
4a) FA Cup runners-up, if FA Cup winners have a place in CL
4b) Any remaining spots go to highest league finishers without a European place otherwise. However, despite having a lower entry priority than the FA Cup runners-up, they will place higher in the eventual order (i.e. this season, Newcastle took a contingency place as the 2nd team qualifying by league position, whilst Liverpool took the FA Cup runners-up spot. Desipte Newcastle only getting in because there was a spot spare, Liverpool begun in the Europa League a round earlier)
Last Edit: 20-12-2012 11:44:13 by Janik.
posted 20-12-2012 11:41
Note that if a team combines an FA Cup win with a fifth placed finish, then (assuming no other complications) the sixth-placed Premier League finisher gets the spare Europa League spot, not the FA Cup runner-up.
  • longeared
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posted 20-12-2012 11:43
There's never been a spot for League Cup runners-up, even prior to 1985.

As an example, in 1980-81 Liverpool beat West Ham in the League Cup final. Liverpool also won the European Cup that season so automatically qualified for the following seasons European Cup. West Ham didn't pick up a European spot as consequence, the UEFA Cup places went to Ipswich, Arsenal, West Brom and Southampton who had finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th in the league respectively.
Last Edit: 20-12-2012 11:45:13 by longeared.
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