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We need a Rafalution Thread.
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TOPIC: We need a Rafalution Thread.

posted 01-12-2012 17:24
Pity that west brom lost to stoke.
posted 01-12-2012 17:35
Marvellous. Rafa Out banners. "We want our Chelsea back" chants. What version would they like?

And Wenger Out chants as well in N5. Perfect.
  • Ray de Galles
  • I have every comfort and every sport
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posted 01-12-2012 19:17
Any 'Good work, Agent Benitez' banners on The Kop today?
  • Borracho
  • Two course duffer
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posted 01-12-2012 20:17
Three of Chelsea's next four games are away. It's not completely out of the question that Benitez could get himself fired before the end of the year.
posted 01-12-2012 20:26
Roman to decide that, after so many caretaker managers, he might as well just sod it and appoint the caretaker as manager.
  • Ray de Galles
  • I have every comfort and every sport
  • Posts: 23996
posted 01-12-2012 20:33
I saw it suggested today that Roman might find it quicker and cheaper to buy managers in multipacks.
posted 02-12-2012 23:57
The Mirror is suggesting that Roman wants to bring Avram in to "help".
posted 03-12-2012 00:01
That Night In Barcelona wrote:
How long is Benitez's contract? Time for Avram Grant's glorious return, surely?

His return is a bit like the plot to the Dark Knight Rises, if you weren't paying much attention during the film.
  • Ray de Galles
  • I have every comfort and every sport
  • Posts: 23996
posted 03-12-2012 12:22
posted 03-12-2012 12:29
Mourinho's more likely to pitch up at PSG next season. He can probably smell their managers' spending kitty from Madrid.
posted 05-12-2012 23:22
So, Rafa's got his first win then. Thumping European opposition too :)
posted 05-12-2012 23:53
He'll get his second on Saturday.
posted 26-02-2013 12:54
posted 26-02-2013 13:05
That's a feeble article with no story to be extracted from it, however much the writer scrambles about looking for one.
posted 26-02-2013 13:22
there is a story behind it. It's in too many other places and was leaked by too many chelsea players. He took them in and gave them all a bollocking because they're shithouses whose lack of effort gets managers sacked. Obviously the only one who would come back at this was non playing captain and players spokesman john terry.
  • Tony C
  • hardly bothers any more.
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posted 26-02-2013 14:47
There was a very telling reaction by the crowd to the Chelsea penalty on Sunday. Normally they would be going beserk with indignation, as any crowd does when a penalty is awarded against the home team even when - as on this occasion - it was absolutely clear cut. Over the years this would have meant you had a mountain to climb to get anything from the game.

This time the crowd, both literally and metaphorically, shrugged their shoulders and said 'we'll just get two then'. As it happened Lampard missed, but it really didn't matter. City could have just stepped it up and got the win anyway.

And this isn't about City being that good.
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