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Sir David Healy has retired
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TOPIC: Sir David Healy has retired

posted 06-11-2012 08:11
How's Ferguson done for you fellas, thus far?
posted 06-11-2012 12:59
jim w wrote:
How's Ferguson done for you fellas, thus far?

2009: debut, aged 17, in a rag-tag squad sent to play Italy in a disaster relief fundraising friendly. Played injury time, looked about 12.

2010-11: refused selection for various games, whether because he thought Dick Fuckwhittington had lost it, or due to other suitors I'm not sure. He was also eligible for Scotland and our Southern friends.

2012: played against Norway (lost 0-3) and Netherlands (0-6) again in weak sides. Then scored against Finland and failed to impress the Grand Duchy.

I'll reserve judging until March, hopefully he gets a run of games for the Toon. Left midfield best, he's too lightweight to be a defender.
Last Edit: 06-11-2012 13:00:03 by Duncan Gardner.
posted 06-11-2012 21:07
Ah, about the same as he's looked for us then.
posted 12-11-2012 11:11
Morning from from the Baku of beyond.

Alas for NI, Jonny Evans has limped out after his ManU injury. Big G should return though.

Calvert- if ye get a chance, pop into Lavery's for a swift one?
posted 15-11-2012 09:55
Sabahınız xeyir from the Nagorno Karabakh of the North. Pulsating effort from our boys, creating chance after chance before securing a deserved draw on 97'. Unfortunately most of those earlier efforts fell to Bairdinho who couldn't match his recent Prem scoring form.

Mikey's tactical revolution achieves what Sammy Mac tried way back in 2002-04: we're drawing every game 1-1.

Decent curry laters with top local punk vocalist Big Smiffy.

Local rumors suggest that next year in Jerusalem may now have to be played in Limassol, Cyprus. If we haven't nuked ourselves out of 2016 qualifying before then...
  • Calvert
  • Michigan seems like a dream to me now
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posted 15-11-2012 10:39
Apologies again for the no-show, DG.was busy all day yesterday and family commitment last nite.

Caught highlights when I got in.
Bertie apologising to wee Michael was funny.
Cow's arse / banjo best describes us at the moment.

Healy's first goal in four years!
posted 28-11-2012 18:11
The odds on Mikey getting a win at last rise slightly. We're off to the Med on 6 February.

But before anyone gets too carried away, the Maltese recently managed a good win away in Liechtenstein.

It's 21 in the shade there at the moment...
posted 25-01-2013 11:50
Mikey shrugs off rumors about the Dundee United job to name an interesting squad for Malta. No Baird or Lafferty and the Healy era may have finally ended on 95 caps. Instead, we've got exciting new striking talents McGurk (Tranmere), McKay (Caley Thistle) and 'Ryman' Grigg (Walsall). Plus Liverpool wunderkind McLaughlin in midfield.

Of course after withdrawals we'll end up with Boycey and Big Chicken. Onwards and upwards...
posted 30-01-2013 18:14
Doyen of NI football hacks Malcolm Brodie has died aged 86. He started working for the Bellylaugh as a cub reporter in 1943 and covered every big finals since. I met him twice, 30 years apart. Once when my Dad's mate (a Crusaders director) gave me a tour of the Windsor Boardroom, then latterly at Sammy McIlroy's testimonial where he bought me and sometime Nigeria internationalist Efe Sodje a pint.

posted 05-02-2013 11:04
Only hints on the starting lineup so far. I predict

Mannus (St Johnstone)

Hughes (Fulham)
McAuley (West Bromwich)
J Evans (Manchester United)
D Lafferty (Burnley)

C Evans (Hull)
Davis (Southampton)
Brunt (West Bromwich)

McGinn (Aberdeen)
Ferguson (Newcastle)
McGurk (Tranmere)
Last Edit: 05-02-2013 11:05:14 by Duncan Gardner.
posted 06-02-2013 17:53
Confirmed starters:

Mannus (St Johnstone)

Hughes (Fulham)
McAuley (West Bromwich)
J Evans (Manchester United)
D Lafferty (Burnley)

Bruce (Hull) (debut)
Davis (Southampton)
Brunt (West Bromwich)

McGinn (Aberdeen)
Ferguson (Newcastle)
Grigg (Walsall)

I think we can safely say Bruce jr ain't an entirely popular choice. Still, it's not a bad turnout for a friendly.

I imagine most or all Messrs Doherty, Cathcart, Hodson, Corry Evans, McKay and McGurk will get an extended run-out.
Last Edit: 06-02-2013 17:57:52 by Duncan Gardner.
posted 17-03-2013 11:46

With Big Ger La Fertie suspended for the next game and lacking match fitness after the Swiss winter break, Ultonia have some options for the beanpole up front in a fluid 5-4-1 formation against Russia and possibly Israel. The contenders:

Will Grigg (Walsall, English D3) 19 goals, one yellow this term

Billy McKay (Caley Thistle, Scottish PL) 24/2

Niall McGinn (Aberdeen, Scottish PL) 18/1

The main selection surprise is returning injury-prone Burnley striker Martin Paterson. He's a better all-round player than the others so may get game time (despite mediocre 6/5 stats this term) if he can avoid breaking anything getting off the plane.

The excitement er, mounts. Calvert, you still up for either game?
Last Edit: 17-03-2013 11:47:37 by Duncan Gardner.
  • Calvert
  • Michigan seems like a dream to me now
  • Posts: 7258
posted 17-03-2013 17:38
Will find out later tonight if I'm needed tomorrow, if you know what I mean.
Keep you posted.
posted 21-03-2013 10:47
Likely starters, if the blizzards hold off:


Hughes--McAuley--J Evans--D Lafferty


posted 22-03-2013 13:39
Windsor Park currently bearing a close resemblance to Ice Station Zebra, tonight's qualifier could well be cancelled.
posted 22-03-2013 14:44
Postponed to 3 pm Saturday.
posted 23-03-2013 00:18
I won't be in town until Monday, but realistically this game won't happen on Saturday afternoon. The weather will be as bad as today- a mix of heavy snow, torrential rain and sleet, the pitch likely flooded and access to and from the stadium hazardous. Add to that widespread power cuts today affecting up to 200,000 people in the greater Belfast area.

Windsor's facilities are rudimentary but covering the pitch wouldn't have made any difference given the other factors above. It's only snowed this heavily in the city at this time of year once previously in my lifetime.
posted 26-03-2013 19:50
Team tonight has two changes from prediction above: Ferguson for the injured Grigg, and the return of Clingan for Bruce.

Windchill of minus seven.

Luckily Messrs Argos were able to supply some replacement lingerie.
posted 26-03-2013 20:40
After huffing and puffing for half an hour without shooting we then managed three in a manic minute. They hit a post early but only long-range pot-shots since.
posted 26-03-2013 21:45
Can't really complain at that. Israel resticted us to largely shots from distance for 75 minutes then created two neat goals as Hughes and less forgivably Evans were caught day-dreaming.

Paterson did as well as expected up front, or rather hassling the Israeli full-backs; trouble was every time he beat them there was nobody in the middle for the cross.

Our options when he tired were Shaggy McCourt (can't get a game in the SPL), Sir Healy (ditto English D3) and Magennis (formerly Cardiff reserves utility full-back/ keeper).

Happiest in the camp will be Mrs Brunt, the holiday plans are a goer as her wastrel husband managed three cynical fouls in injury time to secure a June suspension.

Although we're still joint fourth to be fair.
Last Edit: 26-03-2013 21:48:59 by Duncan Gardner.
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