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The "B" League: Div 2/FLC 2012/13 Season
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TOPIC: The "B" League: Div 2/FLC 2012/13 Season

posted 15-01-2013 11:36
Kettle wrote:
Oh, regarding Chris Wood - as a mate pointed out around 4pm today. There must be about 13 or 14 clubs in the Championship right now saying "why the FUCK didn't we go in for this guy?"

A few did but Leicester are offering higher wages than most others can afford.
posted 15-01-2013 12:39
We had him on loan at Barnsley last season and he was rubbish for us.
posted 19-01-2013 17:09
I don't like this division any more. Luckily, I think we'll be back playing Orient and Yeovil soon enough...
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posted 19-01-2013 17:49
I've got to like it. I sense this is where we'll be for a long time....

Kudos to the home teams today for getting a full programme on today. Crystal Palace were putting regular pictorial updates on their Twitter feed through the morning, and they've got a lot of respect from the normally goonish Bolton fans for that. Dougie Freedman got a decent, if not completely warm, reception from the Palace fans.

And we get another clean sheet. Away from home. I don't even want to go find out when two consecutive away clean sheets happened for us.
posted 19-01-2013 20:13
Rats. The momentum built last month has slowed a bit, lord knows when Aluko will be fit again, we need fresh impetus before the month's out.

Cardiff's title to lose now. Sorry Bored, Harry et al.
posted 19-01-2013 20:33
its probably for the best, then the rebrand hordes may see how much they have been played
posted 20-01-2013 01:23
Hamish! Dougal! wrote:
Rats. The momentum built last month has slowed a bit, lord knows when Aluko will be fit again, we need fresh impetus before the month's out.

Cardiff's title to lose now. Sorry Bored, Harry et al.

Deliberately blanking Leicester, then? I can understand that, from a Hull perspective.
posted 20-01-2013 09:27
They're 10 points ahead of you and us. Club bias aside, who would your money be on?
posted 20-01-2013 12:08
Even after our good run lately, we're still second in the recent form table to Cardiff. Winning a game in hand would put us 11 pts behind. Too big a gulf really, Cardiff will really have to fuck up to lose this now. Still, didn't Wolves blow some sort of sizeable lead to WBA back in the early 2000s? Can't remember how late in the season their collapse took place though.

Of course Watford catching Cardiff wouldn't exactly be the best circumstance, given we've not exactly been innocent in the selling-off-your-identity stakes
posted 20-01-2013 16:44
Hamish! Dougal! wrote:
They're 10 points ahead of you and us. Club bias aside, who would your money be on?

Given that Leicester have gained 7 points on Hull and 9 on Middlesbrough since Christmas Day, I'm not giving up on that yet.
Cardiff haven't had a rocky patch yet this season, but I think they will have one at one point. There are a lot of players there scared by past failures. Basically, retain hope.
posted 20-01-2013 17:03
Cardiff's title to lose now. Sorry Bored, Harry et al

No need for apologies. We have all resigned ourselves to them going up. It doesn't matter. All those rebrand wankers will think it vindicates the decision and each and every one of them will be wrong. Come the new season, they won't be able to afford tickets, the kit will have a big picture of Tan on it, a carp will be on the badge and everyone will have to have a tattoo of a map of Malaysia on them before they can enter the stadium.

For us, it will just be a case of them stinking out MOTD so, obviously, it would be great if they fucked this up but they won't.
posted 20-01-2013 22:50
Just out of interest how many points on average do clubs need to avoid relegation from the championship ?
posted 21-01-2013 00:01
50 is the generally accepted safety target. Which is normally enough, as 42 is in the Premier League.

But that is a rule of thumb. In terms of averages over the last ten years, 22nd place = 45.8, 21st place = 49.9. Quite a difference, as there have often been quite large gaps between the bottom three and the rest. N.B. Numbers slightly skewed by three teams (two who went down, one who stayed up) having 10 point deductions for administration.
Last Edit: 21-01-2013 00:05:56 by Janik.
posted 21-01-2013 00:02
fucking hell I don't know how Wolves are going to achieve that then
posted 21-01-2013 00:13
Presumably fans of a number of other clubs towards the bottom are thinking similarly, but in the end most of them will do so.

17 points in 18 games is not that many, really. In general, 1 point/game is relegation form, but that is all Wolves need to maintain to get to a 50 point target. You've not hit that over the last five games, but you have over the last ten. It might not be pretty, but you will probably survive.
posted 21-01-2013 00:41
hmm well Blackpool next and we beat them 2-1 last month Leicester will be a real problem though
posted 24-01-2013 14:51
BBC Website wrote:
Huddersfield, 18th in the Championship, sack manager Simon Grayson.
Last Edit: 24-01-2013 14:51:43 by Gangster Octopus.
posted 24-01-2013 15:21
Unfortunate, but they've been dropping fast since around November. I'd have hoped he'd have been given a chance to turn it around though.

They've got enough quality to finish at least in the position they currently occupy, and there are far more objectionable clubs in the Championship (mainly, based on my personal irrational dislikes), so I hope they stay up.

(also I'm wondering whether they've got their eye on Adkins)
posted 24-01-2013 16:43
and just under a year in the job
posted 24-01-2013 16:58
Huddersfield have spent a bit, haven't they?

I imagine the new manager can turn it round with the players they have, I always think it's sad when a team who have been in the divison below for so long get relegated first time round ... think Rochdale for example.
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