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Preposterous polyester: new kits for 2012/13
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TOPIC: Preposterous polyester: new kits for 2012/13

posted 17-12-2012 18:31
Reed John wrote:
Do Swansea always wear red and green now or is this just for Christmas?

It's a centenary kit apparently. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Redbirds up the road though.
posted 17-12-2012 18:46
It's their first kit that is the centenary one really, hence the gold trim. Apart from also sporting the special centenary badge I don't think the change kit is intended to mark the 100 year anniversary,

The red kit was launched some weeks before the Red Dragons' monstrosity and seems to have been planned well before Vincent Tan's muddled, rushed rebrand. Certainly it looks like it's benefitted from a proper design process unlike "Cardiff's" botch job.

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posted 18-12-2012 07:32
Cheers Harry, didn't realise it was the gold trim on the home shirt that was the centenary one. The commentator for the Spurs game said it was the red kit.
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posted 18-12-2012 18:28
It occurred to me that Swansea's green and red was meant to celebrate Wales, but then it could be viewed as dickish for them to assume that they represent the whole nation.
posted 18-12-2012 19:40
Oh no, it is certainly a nod to the national colours.

There's nothing wrong with that and while I think it might be a slight dig at Cardiff (rubbing in the fact that they are Wales sole EPL representative. Much like their tangerine change kit last season appeared to celebrate Blackpool's defeat of Cardiff in the 2010 play-off final) it's subtle enough to not be egregious.

They've certainly left all the upfront "We're the team of Wales" posturing to that bunch of twats down the M4. Crucially, it's also a lovely kit. Far better than the national side themselves have sported for quite a while.
posted 04-01-2013 13:23
posted 21-01-2013 16:14
dogbeak wrote:
They look like Manchester United-branded little kiddy's pyjamas.

Oh no wait, Manchester United pyjamas look like this:

posted 21-01-2013 18:49
I wonder where they were flying to. I bet it was Stoke or something.
posted 21-01-2013 23:08
Having been with the now almost defunct Umbro for many years, rumours at Forest is we are going back to Adidas. Hopefully they will take the opportunity to remake the old classic Clough era tops. The current official-fake ones have a Cruyff-esque two stripes.
posted 08-02-2013 09:18
Apparently this is Wolves Dundee United Blackpool Shakhtar Donetsk Liverpool's kit for next season:

Last Edit: 08-02-2013 09:18:26 by Jimmy Bignutz.
posted 08-02-2013 23:11

good grief, relegation tackle
posted 08-02-2013 23:27
The third one looks like something Biarritz Olympique rugby club would reject for being too garish.
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posted 08-02-2013 23:28
Jimmy Bignutz wrote:
I wonder where they were flying to. I bet it was Stoke or something.

Dubai, or wherever that winter training break was.

Is that Jonny Evans in the middle pic? Because my staff are pissing themselves laughing at it saying it's me.
posted 10-02-2013 12:52
I think it's Nick Powell.
posted 10-02-2013 13:02
In a similar vein to some colours in kits not quite matching. I hate seeing players with long sleeve undershirts on under short sleeved tops. If they want to wear undershirts that's fine, but they must be forced to wear long sleeved football shirts. End of. It is even more infuriating for me when the player is in a striped shirt, and wears a plain colour underneath. Like this:

I agreed with FIFA banning the use of white tape over coloured socks, and this is clearly the next step. Down with individuality, it's a fricking uniform.
posted 26-02-2013 15:53
I like this a lot, quite cycling chic ;

posted 26-02-2013 15:54
It's the change kit btw, in case anyone's worried France have gone for totally the wrong shade of blue again like a few years ago.
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  • Hello this is gorgeous, anybody out there read me?
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posted 26-02-2013 16:18
Harbinger of Hope wrote:
I think it's Nick Powell.

So it is. I look nothing like him.
posted 11-10-2013 14:40
wrong thread
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