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One Touch Football

Welcome to the OTF discussion forums. Our experienced moderators are all well versed in message board etiquette and conflict resolution techniques so we hope your stay will be a happy one.
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UK and world football analysed and debated by the sharpest, most relaxed, sober and objective panel of pundits on the web.
8947 323059
by Geoffrey de Ste. Croix | Today 08:56
Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Chris Smalling. Tiki-taka, street protests, celebs in the crowd, players getting sunstroke, five-star comfort for FIFA execs, Gary Lineker smirks, Roy Hodgson grimaces.
382 18680
by satchmo76 | 26-08-2014 00:38:43
Politics, science, philosophy, beer, religion, travelogues, food, love, sex, death and piss-taking.
11870 338553
by George Burnage Shaw | Today 07:52
Argue the toss about favourite groups, records, top ten lists, most influential bassist, how much you've blown on old vinyl on Ebay... or discuss your own compositions and recordings.
4216 78337
by Bored of Education | Yesterday 11:24
Reviews, analysis, tips, fave directors, lists, script ideas, stuff about French actresses plus dramas, soaps, reality shite, gameshows, sitcoms and rants about how there are thousands of channels and still there's nothing decent on.
2170 41477
by Slightly Brown | Today 03:41
Razor-sharp analyses of cricket, rugby (posh and northern), darts, er, snooker, baseball, American football, running and stuff, weightlifting, horseracing, cycling, bowls, fishing. And that's just for starters...
1343 69298
by Etienne | Today 08:32
Reviews, top 20 lists, new releases, the classics, lit-crit on the hoof, half-baked theories, plus loads of stuff about Richard Dawkins not being as funny as he used to be. New writers welcome... our sensitive audience would love to read excerpts from your manuscripts.
621 10960
by nmrfox | Yesterday 11:52
Have your say on the WSC Daily articles
760 3590
by geobra | Yesterday 14:15
Comment on articles published in When Saturday Comes
17 82
by G-Man | 03-07-2014 12:54:07
Disagree with our book reviewers or have something to add?
23 57
by ashleyhyne | 29-07-2014 15:24:01
220 9410
by Seven Saxon Kings | 28-10-2013 18:44:45
467 20727
by Banana Banana | 14-07-2014 10:22:44
235 9925
by imp | 08-12-2010 15:01:56
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