With the two clubs meeting on Monday evening it’s worth looking back at a cult figure who was the the patron saint of bad-boy, and is the subject of a new book


There are plenty of good comedy writers who love football but almost all shows on the subject come up short, which is no surprise given the role the game plays in supporters’ lives – as Dave Cohen explained in WSC 336, February 2015

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The FA Cup offers lower-division players a chance to grab the attention of an international audience, and even when that fades the memories will last forever


If you know how many times you have seen a headed own goal scored in a cup tie, you will find plenty in common with Matt Ramsay, as he confessed in WSC 301, March 2012

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The days of neat and tidy football played by a team of slight players is gone – from Phil Jones to Chris O’Grady, it’s now all about the upper body

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There has been much talk about Neal Maupay’s miss for Brentford this weekend being one of the worst ever, but it is nothing compared to those in crunch games – as Cris Freddi described in WSC 151, September 1999

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Formerly at the forefront of football innovation, the sackings of De Boer and Koeman have highlighted how quickly the Netherlands’ coaches are being left behind


In WSC 294, August 2011, Andrew Woods lamented the decline of the visiting supporters’ section, something that modern clubs just want out of the way

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Despite its ability to raise public spirits, maintaining a coherent league programme proved problematic between 1939 and 1945 – and not just because of the constant threat of air attack


Only via the FA Cup and only in the 1970s could Leatherhead make such an impact on the public imagination, as Jon Spurling explained in WSC 232, June 2006