Tensions are running high with inflammatory press releases from both sides as Portugal’s top two, separated by just one point, prepare to meet

Wembley exterior

With the new Wembley now ten, here is Jeff Hill in 1999 on how its predecessor ingrained itself in football folklore despite its pomposity

NFL players such as Colin Kaepernick have become powerful voices in American political life, yet in the UK footballers seem unwilling to follow suit

When the Irishman arrived at Highbury he quickly went about shedding Arsenal’s “boring” tag, as Mike Baker explained in WSC 22, December 1988

361 Fantasy

It may have a misleading name but fantasy football can be an addictive hobby, with complex selection issues coming to dominate your thinking

Hanging around outside public buildings asking strangers to scribble on bits of paper can become an obsession, as John Hall explained in WSC 7

Kopa, who died last week at the age of 85, also won three European Cups and six league titles during his time at Reims and Real Madrid


In WSC 291, May 2011 Ian Plenderleith got the feeling all the best goals have already been scored and all the best songs have already been written

After heartening results in “no hope” away matches the Swans face a run of winnable games they must take advantage of, starting with Burnley

The format is tough to get used to but its popularity has grown rapidly over recent years, and it’s about more than just physical wellbeing