Third Lanark were founding members of the Scottish League but they were dismantled by a land-grabbing chairman – though the club may soon rise again


Women’s football has made huge progress both on the pitch and in the stands but there is still work to be done – as Linda Sharples highlighted in May 1991

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Jason Brown played in the Premier League but over recent years has struggled with depression and anxiety, and now wants to become a counsellor

The public address system at the modern football ground is one of the most irritating aspects of following the game and is getting worse

365 FootballCards

For some reason police forces once thought the lure of collecting cards depicting Ian Snodin in an England shirt would stop people committing crime

LeedsCity1914 15

Before Leeds United proved that the city can support a top-flight football club, Leeds City showed exactly how not to do it in 15 years of chaos


Glipton’s teenage stars captivated a generation of adolescents with their comic microcosm of the evolving football world in the late 1980s

Lower league fans

The idea of football becoming more “authentic” the lower down the leagues you go simultaneously patronises those fans and hinders modernisation

It’s often said that football has gone soft. However Philip Cornwall, in May 2004, believed the history of the game has been one of taming the back line

The steady increase in the number of permitted substitutes has made one of the most exciting parts of the game an ever rarer occurrence