Autocratic owners seem to think their wealth allows them to do what they want but well-organised supporters’ groups have proved up to the fight


The greatest non-League FA Cup run of the past 100 years – until this season – could have been even better. In WSC 218 Ken Sproat explained why

Warburton wanted to use Rangers as a stepping stone but the confusion surrounding his exit does not mask the inadequate job he did for the club

Southampton fans have wonderful memories of Matt Le Tissier but unfortunately many of his best goals came in Saints’ most grotesque kit ever

Old Trafford interior

Introducing her nephew to Old Trafford left Joyce Woolridge wondering whether live games can satisfy the tastes of the new generation of fans


We are now taking entries for our 2017 writers’ competition, in memory of David Wangerin. If you need some inspiration, here’s the 2016 winner

Matty Taylor has controversially switched Bristol clubs – which wouldn’t have been a problem for Matt Nation’s dad, who used to watch them both


Merging football with science fiction and fantasy, Rok of the Reds and Jackboot and Ironheel have taken the genre way beyond Roy of the Rovers

With another transfer window almost done we look back to November 2000, when Pierre Lanfranchi and Matthew Taylor argued it was time for a new system

With the two teams set to meet again in the FA Cup fourth round this weekend, we looks back at their previous match at Gander Green Lane

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