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Alex Anderson

In 1969 Alex Anderson was born into a North Ayrshire world where Kilmarnock had won the league more recently than Rangers. So how can he be a traitorous gloryhunter? Eh, Dad? And he's been reading WSC since the 1980s, writing for it once or twice a year since 1999 and has even co-written the official story of Rangers' 1972 Cup-Winners Cup triumph, Barcelona here we come!, as well as a study of Dick Advocaat's Ibrox reign which had excerpts in the Daily Record and everything. You can trust this guy. He's on the level. But not a mason.

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Part of football’s fun is its ability to change opinions 26-06-15    WSC Daily
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Players’ families have no place in on-pitch celebrations 16-07-15    WSC Daily
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Rangers fans need to keep cool after SFA sanctions 26-04-12    WSC Daily
Rangers fans reach a new low as the club is liquidated 14-06-12    WSC Daily
Rangers have been punished and should keep titles 21-12-15    WSC Daily
Rangers have escaped the worst of administration 20-03-12    WSC Daily
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Rangers troubled by "inappropriate singing" 25-02-13    WSC Daily
Rangers try their luck against SPL opposition 26-09-12    WSC Daily
Rangers will miss Ally McCoist’s spirit not management 15-12-14    WSC Daily
Rangers' boycott of Dundee United is poorly timed 31-01-13    WSC Daily
Rangers' perilous financial situation 13-02-12    WSC Daily
Rangers' recovery in danger of flatlining under McCoist 26-08-14    WSC Daily
Realising you’ve seen every League club at one ground 02-01-15    WSC Daily
Referees can be a source of pride where teams cannot 16-04-15    WSC Daily
Repeat finals are part of the Champions League’s prestige 01-06-16    WSC Daily
Running on empty Rangers financial crisis    WSC 297 Nov 11
Scotland need to turn to Wales for inspiration 03-09-16    WSC Daily
Scotland should aim to emulate Croatia's success 14-10-13    WSC Daily
Scotland v Wales is a shadow of its former self 22-03-13    WSC Daily
Scotland will endure summer of pain during Euro 2016 24-03-16    WSC Daily
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Scotland's Tartan Army can be patriotic without politics 08-10-14    WSC Daily
Scotland’s 46-year wait for a hat-trick hero 25-03-15    WSC Daily
Scotland’s league heightens match-fixing temptations 22-05-15    WSC Daily
Scotland’s “provincial” clubs must strike this season 13-01-15    WSC Daily
Scottish fans should focus on their own clubs 07-08-12    WSC Daily
Scottish League merger brings more uncertainty 14-06-13    WSC Daily
Sent Off At Gunpoint by Tom Bullimore    WSC 265 Mar 09
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Super Cup finding its place after a chequered past 11-08-15    WSC Daily
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That moment when you get to touch the match ball 03-01-14    WSC Daily
The Champions League final has become monotonous 24-05-13    WSC Daily
The future of Rangers remains uncertain 08-03-12    WSC Daily
The hundred club A man on a seriously large mission   
The inescapable lure of football’s lost terraces 01-10-15    WSC Daily
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Third-place play-offs crucial to ending World Cup 12-07-14    WSC Daily
True European heritage lies in Dundee not “top” leagues 24-02-16    WSC Daily
Udo Lattek’s death highlights skewed UEFA honours list 06-02-15    WSC Daily
Uninspiring Euro 2016 draw tough on Scotland 24-02-14    WSC Daily
Unlikely teams to have never reached a European final 16-09-15    WSC Daily
Venue problems for the Scottish Cup semi-finals 11-04-14    WSC Daily
Victory over Germany now vital for Scotland 07-09-15    WSC Daily
Warburton’s bright start raises Rangers optimism 30-07-15    WSC Daily
What happens when clubs and fans run out of ambition 23-02-15    WSC Daily
Women's football mirrors development of men's game 17-10-13    WSC Daily
Yellow kits aren't first choice but do hold power 17-09-14    WSC Daily


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