Tim saw his first copy of WSC in 1988 and was instantly smitten, realising that it was the only place on earth he'd be able to work without going mad. He produced his first feature for the mag in 1990 after which he began various cartoon series such as Steal from the Pros, Childhood Secrets, Tactical Genius and Maths of the Day. He spent several years in the mid-1990s sitting at a desk in the WSC office and was eventually given a computer, after which he nicked html source code from New Scientist and the Daily Telegraph, replaced their graphics and built the original WSC website. Since 1997 he has been freelance – writing books, drawing pictures, painting and watching kids' TV. He is a longstanding Leeds United fan, though the club he supports is largely a figment of his imagination – it still contains Eddie Gray (with Mick Bates on the bench) and is definitely not run by Ken Bates.