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Mike Ticher

Mike had the idea for WSC in 1985, after dabbling briefly and forgettably in music fanzines. He wrote the first issue with Andy Lyons, typed it up in a baffling variety of column widths, made 100 photocopies in Bethnal Green library and sent one to Phil Shaw, then the editor of the football diary on the Guardian. Phil wrote generously about the content (although somewhat less generously in a letter defending Don Revie’s Leeds, published in issue No 3 and signed “Loyal London White”) and interest blossomed. Two years later Mike moved to Sydney, returning in 1996 to spend six years working at WSC and the Guardian (including as editor of the football diary). Having grown up as a Chelsea fan, he stopped enjoying watching them about the time they became wildly successful, which may say more about him than them. He edited most of the titles that have appeared under the WSC Books imprint, has written tracts on such crowd-pleasing subjects as Berlin’s Jewish football clubs and the Harringay dog track, and is now the letters editor of the Sydney Morning Herald. There he has learnt to ignore the rantings of anonymous, wild-eyed zealots, Leeds fans or otherwise.


"He can't be worse than..." Alan Hudson Chelsea    WSC 122 Apr 97
"No gentleman's agreement with Germany" Graham Kelly interview    WSC 152 Oct 99
"Players are not au fait with the laws" Stephen Lodge interview    WSC 173 Jul 01
"Things had to change" Adam Crozier interview    WSC 164 Oct 00
A Life Too Short by Ronald Reng    WSC 297 Nov 11
A world apart Australian football in need of change    WSC 194 Apr 03
A-League no longer a home for ageing stars 22-04-14    WSC Daily
Aussie all stars Juninho arrives in the A-League    WSC 249 Nov 07
Aussie idealists Players from down under    WSC 117 Nov 96
Australia & Chile preview ~ World Cup 2014 13-06-14    WSC Daily
Australia rely on blind optimism ahead of Chile 13-06-14    WSC Daily
Australia – A stormy title decider April 2007    WSC 242 Apr 07
Australia – Is Australian football worth the hype? November 2005    WSC 225 Nov 05
Australia's FFA Cup closes divides between clubs 20-08-14    WSC Daily
Australian FA could “destroy” New Zealand football 03-11-15    WSC Daily
Australia’s Asian Cup an example for World Cups 19-01-15    WSC Daily
Beyond our Ken Assessing the Bates era    WSC 199 Sep 03
Black and Blue by Paul Canoville    WSC 257 Jul 08
Black books The murky world of referees    WSC 173 Jul 01
Buy to let Foreign takeovers    WSC 293 Jul 11
Chelsea's League Cup run is of little importance 09-01-13    WSC Daily
Complaining Spain should get over the grass 14-06-12    WSC Daily
David Beckham would harm the Australian league 23-11-12    WSC Daily
Division One 1948-49 Pompey's first of back-to-back titles    WSC 238 Dec 06
Division One, 1930-31 Arsenal top, Man Utd bottom    WSC 216 Feb 05
Does Your Rabbi Know 
You're Here? by Anthony Clavane    WSC 310 Dec 12
Englischer Fussball by Raphael Honigstein    WSC 274 Dec 09
Football Grounds of Great Britain New edition    WSC 113 Jul 96
Football Wizard by John Harding    WSC 332 Oct 14
Full training provided Vialli becomes Chelsea manager    WSC 134 Apr 98
Getting into Europe The novelty of playing abroad    WSC 128 Oct 97
Higher selves Alternative ways of watching the game   
Host of problems Australia's World Cup 2022 bid    WSC 270 Aug 09
Kevin Hitchcock Underemployed Chelsea keeper    WSC 177 Nov 01
Law unto themselves Chelsea & Abramovich    WSC 222 Aug 05
Left Field by Graeme Le Saux    WSC 251 Jan 08
Mentality check Jan Age Fjortoft interview    WSC 156 Feb 00
More Than Just A Game by Chuck Korr & Marvin Close    WSC 264 Feb 09
Moving the goalposts Wimbledon hunt for a home    WSC 133 Mar 98
National Soccer League 1977 Eastern Suburbs crowned champions    WSC 290 Apr 11
New arrivals create more interest in the A-League 20-09-12    WSC Daily
New Australia coach to bridge gap with A-League 28-10-13    WSC Daily
Nobody should be putting football in the corner 19-02-13    WSC Daily
Not so good to be back 1970s pitch invasions    WSC 181 Mar 02
Referees need to make a point of speeding up free-kicks 11-01-12    WSC Daily
Rooing the day Success for the Socceroos    WSC 234 Aug 06
Rothmans Football Yearbook Edited by Jack Rollin 1970-2000    WSC 164 Oct 00
Same difference Glenn Hoddle at Chelsea    WSC 112 Jun 96
Sub titles Major London clubs examined     WSC 167 Jan 01
System failure Australia's World Cup shortcomings    WSC 283 Sep 10
Terry vision El Tel the Socceroo    WSC 119 Jan 97
The lost continent Few African players in England    WSC 126 Aug 97
Totalitarian ticketing Tickets the FIFA way    WSC 232 Jun 06
Trautmann’s Journey by Catrine Clay    WSC 279 May 10
Tunnel vision O'Leary's Leeds book    WSC 180 Feb 02
Under performers Australia fail again    WSC 132 Feb 98
Up and under Australia's World Cup qualification    WSC 227 Jan 06
When Friday Comes by James Montague    WSC 261 Nov 08
When in Rome... England fans abroad    WSC 130 Dec 97
Whistle stop Referees at World Cup 2006    WSC 234 Aug 06
Wrong time, wrong place Heysel: the English context    WSC 219 May 05


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