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Badge of the week ~ Moneni Pirates FC, Swaziland

Moneni150It is possible that Moneni Pirates FC have missed the point about pirates. Pirates are supposed to inspire fear and awe, surely? The sighting of the skull and crossbones...

Get with the programme ~ Brentford v Tranmere

Brentford-v-Tranmere-1991Last week's defeat to Middlesbrough meant that Brentford have failed in all of their seven play-off campaigns. It started with this game 24 years ago, when they hosted Tranmere at Griffin Park

WSC 340 out now

wsc340- Stadium disasters: Bradford & Heysel
- Premier League records
- Desperation at Newcastle
- Players Blast Press Shock
- The cult of Dukla Prague
- Burnley's non-League escape

Special offer ~ save £2 on Rock 'n' Roll Soccer

RockRoll101WSC readers can save £2 on contributor Ian Plenderleith's book about the rise and fall of the North American Soccer League, from the stars to the experimental rules you can find out how the game sold itself to a continent and then crashed back down to earth

WSC writers' competition 2015 launched

wsc writers compThe annual WSC writers' award has returned, open to amateur writers with a £250 prize for the winner


Title Writer
"David Beckham" endorses industrial equipment  
** rich
A ballboy fulfils the dream of millions Tom WSC
A boot ad (we think) WSC
A different kind of Santa
A Gabby Agbonlahor photo op Tom WSC
A half-decent Christmas gift Tom WSC
A little precipitation in Tokyo WSC
A new devil WSC
A new type of football Tom WSC
A particularly pointless red card  
A rather tetchy Gary Lineker WSC
A shoe-in for Toronto FC Tom WSC
A snowy scene in Rotterdam
A spectacular volley exhaustively analysed in Welsh Tom WSC
A startling offer from Wembley Tom WSC
A superb corner at Valencia Tom WSC
A touching tribute to Cesc Fabregas  
A tough day for Man Utd's press officer Tom WSC
A tribute to Emile Heskey  
A Zlatanesque goal for Celta Vigo Tom WSC
Accidental Partridge rich
Adam Barrett's "worst miss ever" for Gills Tom WSC
Alan Shearer cuts off Lee Dixon WSC
Alan Shearer goal WSC
Alex Pearce's festive fun WSC
Alex Sabella needs someone to catch him Tom WSC
Alternative 1990-91 Match of the Day intro Tom WSC
Amazing foul exercise in Israel WSC
Amusing free-kick routine rich
An emphatic own goal  
An insane penalty decision in Greece Tom WSC
Ange Postecoglou v Craig Foster Tom WSC
Argentinian warm-up match turns nasty Tom WSC
Arsenal players attempt a new offside trap WSC
Arsenal players back anti-homophobia campaign Tom WSC
Aston Villa's squad of 1995-96 drinking habits Tom WSC
Australian FA president falls off podium Tom WSC
Availability Doug WSC
Bad penalty in Austria WSC
Battling the breeze WSC
Belgian keeper needs to work on his ball control Tom WSC
Belgium players get bombastic Tom WSC
Best goal scored this week by a 16-year-old Ecuadorian Tom WSC
Blackburn Venky's ad  
Blackburn's new shirt gets unorthodox publicity Tom WSC
Boca Juniors over-react WSC
Brad Jones takes a nap at Selhurst Park Tom WSC
Brazilian winger sent off for swearing at own fans Tom WSC

Archive: Heysel and English football’s terminal decline

icon 39Mike Ticher recalled, for the 20th anniversary of the disaster, Heysel as the culmination of an era when English football appeared to be in terminal decline

Allardyce had West Ham success but it was time to go

icon westhamThe criticism Sam Allardyce received from West Ham fans was harsh but that his results and style of play were still questionable and stagnating

Promotion least of promises Rangers need fulfilling

icon rangersRangers face Motherwell in the first leg of the Scottish Premiership play-offs tonight but it is almost a background concern compared to their new chairman

Fans say Blatter should not stand for FIFA president

icon fifamoneyA poll of over 35,000 supporters from around the world showed that nearly 70 per cent have no confidence in the governing body and don't want Sepp Blatter running it

Petition to get banned Aston Villa flag into FA Cup final

icon nofansA supporter-funded banner reading "Never mind the Arsenal, here's the Aston Villa" will not be allowed in because it includes the opposition's name

Young English players need to feel valued to flourish

icon youthDean Parrett and John Bostock finally seem to be settling into first-team football but they should have been better handled at a younger age

Norwich rediscover spark in time for play-off final

icon promotionThe Canaries looked jaded at the end of the season and while victory over Ipswich helped, they still need to learn from past mistakes against Middlesbrough

Preston fans must banish past play-off failures

icon league1This is North End's tenth appearance in the play-offs and they are yet to win but they have plenty of reasons to be optimistic this time around

Southend refuse easy route despite being favourites

icon league2bShrimpers have relied on their defence, blew their chance at automatic promotion on the final day and haven't beaten Wycombe this season

Scotland’s league heightens match-fixing temptations

icon matchfixThe split in leagues increases the chances of teams "playing out" results at the end of a season and could conceivably lead to something worse

PSG dominate France but can't step up in Europe

icon psgtitleLaurent Blanc's team may be on the verge of a domestic quadruple this season but they are discovering that throwing money at a squad isn't enough in Europe

West Ham’s Cup-Winners Cup victory 50 years on

icon cupsRon Greenwood's team were by no means perfect but he made a group of players who largely ordinary play a thrilling style of football

FA Cup final’s first red card changed views on tackling

icon refs1Thirty years on from Kevin Moran's famous challenge on Peter Reid at Wembley, the way we react to and talk about tackling has been altered drastically


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